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The new Palestinian curriculum, which includes new textbooks for grades 1–4, is
significantly more radical than previous curricula. To an even greater extent than the
2014–15 textbooks, the curriculum teaches students to be martyrs, demonizes and
denies the existence of Israel and focuses on a “return” to an exclusively Palestinian

Within the pages of the textbooks children are taught to be expendable. Messages
such as: “the volcano of my revenge”; “the longing of my blood for my land”; and “I
shall sacrifice my blood to saturate the land” suffuse the curriculum. Math books use
numbers of dead martyrs to teach arithmetic. The vision of an Arab Palestine
includes the entirety of what is now Israel, defined as the “1948 Occupied

The curriculum teaches that national institutions and authorities should be respected
and encourages personal success. Still, while Islam is not used as a radical political
tool for this age group, negative messages linger regarding non-Muslims. And though
Christian education is provided, Jewish roots are ignored. This new curriculum
appears to be a departure from the Canaanite roots narrative of past curricula, but
Arabs continue to be presented as original dwellers of the land. Palestinian identity,
as conveyed to these children, is now more realistically based on LevantinePalestinian
folklore alongside Arabism, Islam, and the struggle against Israel.

This research also revisits textbooks from grades 11–12 to reassess the Palestinian
worldview as conveyed to older students. The texts for this age group commemorate
the PLO’s armed struggle and explain the rejection of past solutions. There is a focus
on historical events involving anti-Jewish violence such as the 1936–39 (Arab) Revolt
and the Al-Aqsa Intifada. The curriculum highlights the 1974 phased program for the
conquest of the Land of Israel/Palestine. The strategy of violence and pressure (in
place of negotiations) is advocated as the most effective action to achieve Palestinian
goals, likely derived from the Sixth Fatah Conference of 2009. And in these uppergrade
textbooks, the concept of “eternal war” is instigated through the abuse of
Islamic terminology.

Within the higher-grade textbooks, there remain an absolute lack of empathy for the
“Other,” nor any comprehension or explanation of the root causes of the conflict
between Palestinians and Israelis. Thus the hatred of Israel persists. The reality that
Arab-Palestinians and Jews cooperated together in the past on a regular and
widespread basis in a variety of activities—and that they still do—is entirely missing
from the perspective of this curriculum.

Remarkably, the curriculum for grades 11–12 covers those periods in which
Palestinians were considered at first Ottomans, (part of the anti-Ottoman, Great Arab
Revolt); and later insisted on being Syrians; and then voted to become Jordanians.
The expressed Islamic and Arabic identity together with the Levantine-Palestinian
folklore stressed in grades 1–4 suggest that a cultural/regional approach may provide
the missing link to reconciliation among people in the region.

Read full report (PDF)

Aid for despots and dictators. Aid for rich nations with their own aid agencies and others able to afford space programmes. Aid for North Korean officials and Somali jihadis. Aid that ends up in pockets of Palestinian killers, like the one who knifed British tourist Hannah Bladon to death in Jerusalem on Good Friday.

This newspaper has reported on all these cases and more. And our Prime Minister’s depressing response? The leader who likes to present herself as the epitome of common sense has decided to continue with the stupidest policy of recent years: the insistence that Britain must give away 0.7 per cent of national income in foreign aid.

Even as she spoke, her Chancellor hinted they might abandon another promise not to raise income tax, national insurance or VAT. This is the politics of the madhouse: borrow money and put up domestic taxes while doling out swelling sums on flawed projects abroad. Last year alone we sprayed more than £13 billion around the planet. How much more will be frittered away after another five years of May to hit a dubious and outdated target?

In case anyone doubted the reason for this policy, former Chancellor George Osborne popped up to tweet this was ‘key to creating modern compassionate conservatives’. Aid tends to be about the donor, not the recipient.

Once Osborne admitted privately the great British aid giveaway was to keep charities ‘off our back’. Certainly there was loud concern voiced last week from charities and global institutions taking our funds as speculation mounted the target might be abandoned.

No doubt May feels she needs to shore up her left flank as voters opposed to Brexit worry about her hardline stance on EU withdrawal. Yet constant revelations of waste will be a running sore during her time in office.

This self-serving political opportunism ignores mountains of evidence exposed by this paper of astonishing profligacy and corruption – the inevitable consequence of prioritising spending over need.

British tourist Hannah Bladon to death in Jerusalem on Good Friday. Her killer's family will now be given £800 a month by the Palestinian Authority which receives aid from the UK
British tourist Hannah Bladon to death in Jerusalem on Good Friday. Her killer’s family will now be given £800 a month by the Palestinian Authority which receives aid from the UK

As bills get bigger, growing sums get creamed off by fat-cat consultants earning millions, multilateral bodies flying first-class around the world, and charity chiefs on huge incomes.
May insists they will spend aid money in the most effective manner. Yet I have heard this weary mantra so often before from aid advocates and complacent politicians: that lessons will be learned, that corruption will be tackled.

Action only ever gets taken after exposure by journalists. Nothing was done about those millionaire consultants, for example, until a series of articles in this newspaper culminating in revelations of dirty tricks to win lucrative state deals by the biggest specialist contractor.

Suddenly there were parliamentary probes, government inquiries and termination of deals. Yet still DFID treats whistleblowers with contempt while talking about transparency and reeling off dodgy statistics it refuses to source.

Priti Patel, the Minister in charge of chucking away this cash, seems seduced by jetting around the world spending other people’s money. She claims ‘humanitarian needs in 2017 are unprecedented’. This is simply false: poverty is falling around the planet thanks to capitalism, consumerism and technology.

The leader who likes to present herself as the epitome of common sense has decided to continue with the policy that Britain must give away 0.7 per cent of national income in foreign aid.
The leader who likes to present herself as the epitome of common sense has decided to continue with the policy that Britain must give away 0.7 per cent of national income in foreign aid.

And she points to famine in South Sudan without acknowledging the role Western funds played in aiding the gangsters and warlords whose fighting led to mass starvation.

What a shame to see Theresa May fall for this silly stunt. It is damaging for her reputation, dreadful for her party and, above all, disastrous in so many circumstances for the poor people who suffer from this corrosive form of neo-colonialism.


  • Palestinian Jamil Tamimi murdered British theology student Hannah Bladon
  • He told police that he attacked Hannah in the hope a soldier would kill him 
  • His family qualify for a ‘salary’ from the Palestinian Authority of £800 a month
  • Palestine receives more than £25 million a year from the UK in foreign aid

A terrorist accused of murdering a British student in Jerusalem will be paid a salary of more than £800 a month by the Palestinian government – which receives more than £25 million a year from the UK in foreign aid.

Jamil Tamimi, who has a history of mental health issues, killed theology student Hannah Bladon in a frenzied knife attack on Good Friday after the 21-year-old gave up her seat on a tram to a woman with a baby.

The 57-year-old Palestinian told police that he attacked Hannah, a Birmingham University exchange student attached to Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, in the hope that a soldier in the carriage would kill him.

Instead Tamimi was arrested and is almost certain to be lauded as a resistance ‘hero’ by the Palestinian Authority (PA), like hundreds of others before him.

An Israeli court has already ruled, following a psychiatric evaluation, that he is fit to stand trial and should be treated as a terrorist by the justice system.

It means Tamimi or his family qualify for a ‘salary’ from the PA, according to Itamar Marcus, the founder and director of the Israeli monitoring group Palestinian Media Watch.

‘According to PA law, everyone who is imprisoned for ‘resisting the occupation’ receives a PA salary,’ he said. ‘In PA practice, 100 per cent of the suicide bombers, stabbers, shooters and car rammers have been included in this category and do receive PA salaries.’

Terrorists who have ‘resisted the occupation’ are paid a monthly amount by the PA and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) on a sliding scale related to their sentence.

An Israeli court has ruled that murderer Jamil is fit to stand trial and should be treated as a terrorist by the justice system

Only a few remaining species on this planet continue to read books – because it is their job to do so: Diplomatic personnel, Legislative aides, Academic researchers, and journalists.

In that context, intelligent Arab lobbyists, working with pro-Arab foundations and pro- Arab foreign ministries, provide “policy briefing books” for diplomats, academics, legislators, human rights groups and journalists, so that the “Arab narrative” is accessible to invoke a pro Arab position which portends to be objective…for someone writing a briefing for the press, a scholarly work for a University, a position paper on Arab human rights, or a piece of legislation.

You have it all there at your finger tips, thanks to the plethora of well oiled Arab think tanks that churn out research to buttress the Arab war information cause…while almost all Israeli think tanks and even IDF research produce backgrounders for a peace process that does not exist.

Hence, the reason to place GENESIS OF THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY in the hands of diplomats, legislators, academics, human rights experts and journalists is that these are the people who must read THIS briefing book.

GENESIS OF THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY provides the opportunity to see the facts of a Palestinian Authority at war with Israel, not through the eyes of a “peace process”

Help us place GENESIS OF THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY in the hands of those who will make a difference.


Project “Genesis of the Palestinian Authority”

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As we move further away from the years of the Holocaust we find that more individuals, adults as well as youths, are bereft of any knowledge as to what happened during that dark period…writes Michael Kuttner.

This was vividly highlighted by the White House spokesman’s recent appalling performance in front of journalists. Demonstrating an amazing ignorance about the methods used by Germans to murder Jews he compounded his blunder by referring to concentration camps as holocaust centres. Nobody except the rabidly anti Trump brigade could really claim that Sean Spicer hates Jews. He apologised several times and is obviously distraught at his foot in mouth episode. It does however demonstrate that even the most educated individual can easily fall prey to presenting wrong facts if they have not been exposed to any sort of Holocaust education.

Despite millions being spent on erecting grandiose Holocaust museums and memorials it is glaringly obvious that only a small minority have been exposed to learning about it. There is no doubt that once someone has had the opportunity to visit such a centre and even better having had the chance to speak with a survivor they will understand what horrors were perpetrated and perhaps will henceforth be inoculated against further Judeophobic behaviour.

Until and unless the lessons of the Holocaust are taught in every high school we will witness generations of students growing into adulthood who are completely ignorant of the subject. Those few teachers who travel to Israel and take part in the Yad Vashem educational seminars are only a drop in the ocean. Those few schools who visit centres dedicated to Holocaust education are leading the way but until every school devotes time to the topic we are fighting a losing battle against amnesia and ignorance.

In Israel there is no question that most students are exposed to the subject not just once a year but on many occasions. As the number of survivors dwindle it is more imperative than ever that knowledge of what happened is transmitted to the next generations. It must be done in such a manner that does not leave an impression that Jewish life is one long procession of persecution. Without diminishing the stark facts that in every generation we face challenges to our existence the end result is that we have survived to rebuild our sovereignty in our country once again. Those students who take part in the March of the Living experience this at first hand. After touring the death camps and the blood soaked places in Europe where now only plaques and memorials mark once flourishing Jewish communities they arrive in Israel in time for Independence Day. From despair and horror to proud Jews celebrating the revival of Jewish independence the contrast could not be greater. Without a doubt it makes a lifelong impression.

What about those however in many Diaspora communities where alienation, assimilation and a lack of Jewish education is rampant? We worry about non-Jewish ignorance of the Holocaust but how do we ensure that Jewish teenagers growing into adulthood are also not going to be Holocaust ignorant? There is also the phenomenon of those whose entire Jewish being revolves around the Holocaust to the exclusion of every other facet of Jewish life.

How do we deal with adults who never learnt anything about the Holocaust? Today we witness the Israel haters comparing us to Nazis and this libellous litany falls onto fertile soil germinating into full-blown Jew hatred. This is where ignorance and amnesia combine to produce a very toxic brew. We can see its results already in the international community’s actions as far as Israel is concerned. Those groups, NGO’s and rent a crowd mobs who advocate boycotts and delegitimisation are the natural end product of years of ignorance.

The real tragic figures are those Jews who are so self loathing that they feel the necessity to condemn their own people.

When Holocaust Remembrance & Memorial Day occurs every year what proportion of the community turns up to take part in the ceremonies? In Israel when the sirens wail and almost the whole country stops in its tracks and stands in silent tribute to the six million martyrs, at least not a single person is unaware of the significance of the moment.

A classic case of how deliberate amnesia combined with self-induced denial afflicts politicians in particular became clear this week as Marine Le Pen campaigned in the forthcoming French Presidential elections. She claimed that the French State was not responsible for the war-time round-up of French Jews, their detention at a Paris sports stadium and then their subsequent transportation to concentration camps. “I think that, generally speaking, if there are people responsible, it’s those who were in power at the time. It’s not France” she proclaimed. In one foul swoop she managed to not only absolve the French Vichy Government but also to sow doubts as to whether anyone at all was actually to blame or responsible. This denial of any sort of culpability is music to the ears of all those who deliberately or otherwise seek to absolve the State from complicity in the murder of their own citizens. Until recently the French Railway authorities also denied any responsibility for their wartime co-operation in transporting French and German Jews (my grandparents included) to the death camps.

This year ANZAC Day follows on 25 April. Once again a special commemoration will be held at the Commonwealth War Cemetery on Mount Scopus to honour those Australians and New Zealanders who gave their lives in two World Wars. This year also marks the centenary of the liberation of Beersheba by Australian light mounted troops which paved the way for the liberation of Jerusalem from the Ottoman Turks. The ironic twist is that this Commonwealth War Cemetery is in a part of Jerusalem which the New Zealand sponsored UN resolution deems to be illegally “occupied” by Israel.

There can be no bigger example of amnesia and ignorance than this.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.

Ignorance and amnesia – a deadly combination