3 Av 5777 | Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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What’s the toughest habit to kick? Turns out, in the Middle East it’s humiliation.

Yes, according to the Palestinian Authority (PA), the explosion of hate, violence, and murder against their Jewish neighbors was ignited by Israel. The source of the humiliation? Israel’s installation of metal detectors on Jerusalem Old City’s Temple Mount near the al Aqsa Mosque. This, after Israeli Arabs machine gunned two Israeli (Druze) police officers from the sacred ground to Judaism and Islam. Their weapons were smuggled onto the Temple Mount before the shootings.

Wafa, the PA’s news agency, set the stage for the mayhem to follow:

“The aim of the occupation of placing electronic gates is the humiliation of worshipers and citizens during their entry and exit to Al-Aqsa, and to send a message to the Arabs and Muslims that they hold absolute sovereignty over Al-Aqsa … but Jerusalemites responded by rejection, until the situation returns to what it was before the electronic gates and checkpoints.”

Palestinian Media Watch tracks what the PA says in Arabic to the Palestinian people, not what they say to the international community in English. After characterizing the deployment of metal detectors, meant to protect worshippers from violence, as a horrific act against worshippers, the Palestinian political organization Fatah encouragedPalestinians to “rage” and encouraged a glorified death:

“If I fall I will not be the first to die, and not the last to die #Rage!”

Not to be outdone, a member of the Fatah Central Committee said the committee “called on its supporters and members … to turn this Friday into a day of escalation.”

It didn’t take very long for someone to come forward. On the night of Friday, July 21, the Solomon family had sat down to celebrate the birth of a new baby boy on Shabbat eve. A 19 year-old Palestinian man had other ideas. According to the Army, he poured water over his head to “purify” himself, then entered the Solomon home and stabbed the grandfather of the family and his two adult children, including the young father of the baby boy, to death. Only the bullet from a neighbor saved the rest of the family and children from the same fate.

On Sunday, the three were buried together, even as the Palestinian terrorist’s mother declared that she was proud of her son’s deeds.

Those wanton murders did nothing to assuage the global humiliation. Protesters as far away as London burned Israeli flags; in Istanbul protesters tried to block the entrance to the Jewish community’s main synagogue that previously had suffered two deadly terrorist attacks; and in Amman two Arabs were killed and an Israeli seriously injured after a shooting on the grounds of the Jewish state’s embassy.

Never one to miss an opportunity to bolster his Islamic street creds, Turkish President Erdogan further stoked the flames of hate by declaringthat Israel could not “expect the Islamic world to remain unresponsive after the humiliation Muslims suffered with the restrictions at the Noble Sanctuary.” For good measure, the Turkish leader — whose increasingly autocratic rule has been denounced by European countries, who has trampled on the human rights of his own people, and who has destroyed his nation’s free press —  shamelessly accused Israel of violating “fundamental human values”  according to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet.

Interestingly, Erdogan’s Holy Land hubris didn’t stop him from presenting himself as a peacemaker elsewhere. He just flew to visit the Gulf states, where he is positioning himself as a mediator in the dispute between the Saudi-led coalition and the pro-Iranian emirate of Qatar.

Now, President Trump has dispatched his Middle East envoy, Jason Greenblatt, to the region to try to calm the situation but the worst thing people who want to help an addict can do is to supply the addict with more of the thing causing his addition.

There may be diplomats and pundits urging the U.S., EU, Middle East Quartet, to pressure Israel to remove the very same safety measures that every Jew must go through when approaching the Western Wall and that every pilgrim to Mosques across the Middle East and the Vatican are subject to. Indeed, millions of travelers everyday go through the same screening — we hope — before boarding a flight.

So let’s be clear. People who hate Israel, feel “humiliated” by the Jewish State’s very existence.

I am no expert on overcoming addiction. But I do know people who have overcome the worst humiliations that humankind has doled out. Ask a Holocaust survivor, or a Rwandan girl who survived rape and worst, or survivors of the Cambodian genocide who rebuilt their lives.

Any true friend of peace must help stop the self-induced drug of humiliation Peaceseekers must not feed the beast of humiliation but instead commit to isolate the Islamists who mainline this drug to the masses and help wean addicts from a culture of hate and death.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper is associate dean and director of Global Social Action for the Simon Wiesenthal Center.


Institute for Contemporary Affairs
Founded jointly with the Wechsler Family Foundation

The Palestinian Authority recently released its detailed budget for 2017, and it includes the usual allocations for salaries to imprisoned and released terrorists, as well as to the families of Palestinians who were killed (“martyrs”) or wounded in the “struggle against Zionism.”

According to the PA budget, salaries to incarcerated and released terrorists will amount in 2017 to 552 million shekels ($153.4 million), a rise of 13 percent over the original budget of 2016 and 11 percent more than the actual expenditure in 2016 (revised budget). The money will be transferred to the Palestinian National Fund, the financial arm of the PLO, which was designated by Israel as a terror organization due to its involvement in paying terrorist salaries.

The amount allocated for the families of those killed or wounded in the struggle against Zionism, rose by 4 – 8 percent and is set at 687 million shekels in 2017. Altogether, the expenditures for supporting terror in the 2017 Palestinian Authority budget is 1.240 billion shekels ($344 million). This sum constitutes 7 percent of the total budget, similar to the last several years, but amounts to 49.6 percent of foreign aid received by the PA due to diminishing amount of external aid expected in 2017.

The budget includes, like in previous years, funding for various benefits for the families of the killed and wounded, and for the families of the arrested terrorists. Among them, 500 families of the martyrs will receive a Hajj pilgrimage as part of the Saudi gift given to the PA. As in the 2016 budget, the 2017 budget points out that of more than 20,000 families who receive the monthly payments, which are referred to as salaries, there are 375 families that get special assistance.

Actual Welfare Payments

The budget for real welfare support is 762 million shekels ($211.6 million) in 2017, and the total budget for welfare (including administrative expenditures) is 826 million shekels ($229.4 million). It is used for paying 118,000 families under the poverty line 750 -1800 shekels ($208 – $500), exempting 80,000 poor children from tuition and from paying for textbooks, providing 5,000 families with special financial assistance, providing 120,000 families with medical insurance, and supplying food to 217,000 persons who do not have food security. The 2016 budget figures are very similar (the number of families who receive the 750 -1800 shekels was 125,000). The amount of welfare support per family under the poverty-line is much smaller than salaries provided to terrorists and their families.

These details are especially problematic as the Palestinian terror continues. Among the would-be recipients of the aid provided to the families of terrorists are the families of the terrorists who murdered Hadas Malka, a policewoman stabbed to death at the Damascus Gate on June 16, 2017, and the families of the Israeli Arabs from Umm-Al-Fahum who murdered two Israeli policemen on the Temple Mount on July 14, 2017. As a matter of fact, had the murderers been arrested (and not killed), they would have been given a higher salary than “regular” Palestinian terrorists because Arab-Israelis receive 500 shekels more a month (probably because the cost of living in Israel is higher).

These new figures reflect the ongoing commitment of the Palestinians to paying terrorists and terrorists’ families, in spite of international objections and American/Israeli insistence that these payments be halted. This commitment manifests the Palestinian view promulgated by Palestinian law that refers to the terrorists as the “fighting sector” of the Palestinian society. This ongoing pattern stands in sharp contrast to the Palestinian commitments in the Oslo Accords and to international law and conventions. It also reflects the fact that until now, no real pressure has been put on the Palestinians to stop the payments.

In the United States, the proposed legislation that calls for cutting U.S. economic aid to the PA, known as the “Taylor Force Act,” has not yet been approved by the U.S. Congress. In Israel, the proposed law which would deduct the money the PA spends on supporting terror from the money Israel transfers to the PA (Palestinian taxes collected by Israel) is still under review by the Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee of the Knesset, after it was approved in a preliminary reading.

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Salaries to Terrorists (Yearly) 423,763,000 shekels 442,807,000 shekels 481,319,000 shekels 488,371,806 shekels (530,530,497 shekels total incl. admin.) 552,399,424 shekels (580,334,432 shekels total incl. admin.)
$111,516,570 $116,528,150 $126,662,890 $128,518,896 $153,444,284
Salaries to Martyr Families (Yearly) 603,607 million shekels 618,670 million shekels 620,422 million shekels 663,595,128 shekels 687,129,000 shekels
$158,843,940 $162,807,890 $163,268,940 $174,630,296 $190,869,166
Total Support to Martyrs 1,027,370,000 shekels 1,061,477,000 shekels 1,101,741,000 shekels 1,151,966,934 shekels 1,239,528,424 shekels
$270,360,520 $279,336,050 $289,931,840 $303,149,193 $344,313,451
Percentage of total budget 7% 7% 7% 6.9% 7.0%
Percentage of foreign aid 20% 24% 14.8% 29.6% 49.6%
Total PA budget 14.387 billion shekels 14.771 billion shekels 15.673 billion shekels 16.577 billion shekels 17.786 billion shekels
$3.786 billion $3.887 billion $4.124 billion $4.362 billion $4.940 billion
Total Foreign Aid 4.915 billion shekels (4.532 billion current 384 dev.) 4.402 billion shekels (3.676 billion current budget 726 million development) 7.410 billion shekels (3.120 billion current budget 4.290 billion development) 3.881 billion shekels (2.925 current budget 956 million development) 2.496 billion shekels (1.950 current budget 546 million development)
$1.29 billion $1.15 billion $1.95 billion $1.02 billion $693 million
Money Transfers to PLO 267,922,000 shekels 294,500,000 shekels 775,319,000 shekels 873,185,001 shekels 942,519,040 shekels
$70,505,789 $77,500,000 $204,031,315 $229,785,520 $261,810,844

Palestinian Payments to Incarcerated Terrorists and Martyrs’ Families Rise in 2017

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(“Meet Donald Trump’s lawyer: A Messianic Jew who hates BDS,” Haaretz, July 19).

One of the few points of agreement between the Early Church Fathers shaping Christian doctrine and the Jewish Sages in the Talmudic era was the impossibility of being a Jew and a Christian at the same time. One was either one or the other.

“Messianic Jew” is also a profoundly dishonest term because every Jew is messianic. Belief in the Messiah is one of Maimonides’ Thirteen Principles of Faith. “Messianic Jew” is also dishonest because it is not about belief in a, so far, nameless, future messiah, but Mr. Yeshua ben Yosef who in the year 30 CE was one of 250,000 Jews crucified in the Jewish wars for national liberation against Rome.

Sekulow is not a new fandangle of a “Messianic Jew” but just an old-fashioned Jewish apostate who has converted to Christianity; he is hardly the first over thousands of years. As my professor of Religion, an ordained Episcopal minister, at Columbia University once lectured in a course on Christianity’s Greek-language stories appended to the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), “The Jews rejected Jesus as the Messiah for precisely the right reasons. He did not fit the Jewish understanding of the role, which is different from Christianity’s definition.”

And it is no accident that Jay Sekulow began life as a Reform Jew before falling into this fallacy. These “Jews for Jesus” types are just another manifestation among many of the death of non-observant American Jewry, which makes of the effort to certify their heterodox movements as kosher in Israel simply suicidal. They are not producing the next generation of Jews.

Read Phantom NationInventing the “Palestinians” as the Obstacle to Peace and learn. Available only via Amazon because it is so politically incorrect.

See the faces of the ISM and BDS movement up close below: On July 6. 2017 I I was sued by ISM leader Paul Larudee (of Gaza Flotiillas fame) and one of Paul’s acolytes, Jane Stillwater. I managed to get undercover videos of the Board of Directors of Norcal ISM and BDS in California exposing their lawbreaking and how plots were developed to destroy the Jewish state. The videos and reports can be seen here and here and also at Arutz Sheva here and here and here.

Jane Stillwater, is a seventy-five-year-old grandma, who lives in Section 8 housing in Berkeley, California and is a member of Larudee’s ISM/BDS malevolency group.  She claims she is a lawyer (not) and a “war correspondent” (not really) and runs Jane Stillwater’s Weblog where she posts articles that run at various anti-Semitic and anti-Israel websites such as Counterpunch and Electronic Intifada.  Jane writes constantly she is not anti-Semitic, then blathers on incessantly about Jewish conspiracies to control the U.S. government, notably AIPAC, or how Israelis behave like Nazis.  Her residing in Section 8 housing is of interest because Jane wrote an article on her weblog about her solution to the home foreclosure crisis in the U.S. a few years ago. She wrote that the way to do this was for people to just claim they are Jewish and then the U.S. government would pay for them to have free subsidized housing in a modern state-of-the-art condo in Judea or Samaria. “You don’t even have to be Jewish,” she explained, “Just say you are Jewish and you are in.” This particular article got Stillwater banned from the notoriously anti-Israel leftist website Daily Kos for its blatant anti-Semitism.

Both these sweethearts recently went to Syria in solidarity with the butcher of his own people, Bashir Assad. Jane Stillwater posted on her weblog that ISIS is actually a concoction of the United States, Israel  and the CIA. She’s a maven on Jewish and American conspiracies for the tinfoil hat audiences comprised of various anarchist movements that want to overthrow the West.

Stillwater is a publicity hound. Even though she allows the U.S. and Berkeley taxpayers to subsidize her home then manages to travel the world as a phony journalist and “war correspondent,”she somehow is a world traveler like Larudee. Her publishers consist of pseudo news sites that are little more than anarchist, radical leftist and anti-Israel organs. Her latest trip is to Myanmar for this poor impoverished woman who needs subsidized housing.  She even visited Syria in support of Bashir Assad who she thinks is really a great guy deserving her support and getting a bum rap from the West. After all, she explains to us, ISIS and Al Qaeda are really concoctions of the U.S.A. and the C.IA. (and Israel too, don’t forget).

Stillwater is a media hound and always makes herself the story. She announces ad nauseum that she was a war correspondent having been twice embedded with U.S. troops in the Middle East. She didn’t embed with the troops in any really hot zones, but was kept safely behind the lines where U.S. soldiers had the added burden to protect her geriatric tuchas. She applied for a third embed over in Iraq but this time a more mature officer saw what and who she really is and canceled her embed. She received her notice of cancellation, but instead of seeking a refund on her ticket or an exchange, she flew to Kuwait anyway to force the issue on the military. Along the way, the airline lost her luggage (lucky for U.S. troops!) so she says she had to live at Starbucks ingesting fourteen mocha lattes as she waited to hear if the U.S. military would relent (they didn’t). She then flew home at U.S. Taxpayer expense when the U.S. embassy in Kuwait made arrangements to get home. Once back in the U.S.A., she filed a small claims lawsuit against the Department of Defense for $7,500 the maximum allowed in small claims court to reimburse her for the plane ticket she should not have used and for those fourteen mocha lattes. She boasts about how the D.O.D. had to spend thousands of dollars on government lawyers to answer her complaint when they legitimately refused to pay her for her self-imposed “expenses.” The D.O. D got the case moved to a superior court but some fuzzy-minded judge remanded it back to Berkeley small claims.

She never got the $7, 500. The government settled with for the cost of the plane ticket to Kuwait, no mocha lattes, in order to save American tax-payers the cost of having attorneys attend the minor case which would have exceeded that amount in payroll anyway. She settled for the cost of the ticket to Kuwait in an arbitration, but wrote that she “won” her case against da man.

Once she settled that case, she went back to making accusations in her writings that Gaza is as bad or worse than the Warsaw Ghetto and even posted photos of Auschwitz prisoners during the Holocaust with captions underneath explaining that “these are Palestinians in Gaza.” She also posted on Facebook a photo of PFLP terrorist Leila Khaled with an AK-47 directing her followers to donate money for a film to glorify the “freedom fighter” who invented aircraft hijackings. Still another photo showed Marwan Barghouti and declaring “Victory!”  on her Facebook page for the phony hunger strikers in Israeli jails.

Stillwater has trouble with numbers. In her Facebook page next to Barghouti’s smiling puss, she wrote of the 1,600 Palestinian “political prisoners” who were part of the strike. Of course, these were convicted murderers of Israelis, not just Jews, but Jane explained how every last one of them, all given fair trials with lawyers of their choosing, was in prison solely for “political “ reasons. Being an experienced “war correspondent”, Stillwater also entered a post bemoaning the 1,600 civilians killed by the IDF in the 2014 Gaza War. According to her, every casualty reported by Hamas was a civilian “murdered” by the IDF, not a single armed combatant or terrorist attacking the IDF.

Based on this distinguished literary career of hers, and puffed up by her case against the U.S. government, it should have come as no surprise that Jane Stillwater filed a small claims lawsuit against me and StoptheISM.com also asking for $7,500 for “pain and suffering” she experienced as a result of my exposes of the ISM as a terrorist support group over the last fifteen years. First, she denied the ISM supports terrorist groups such as the PFLP, Palestine Islamic Jihad and Hamas and said this was a false accusation by me. Of course, the leadership of the ISM had on several occasions admitted to such support and collusion for the last fifteen years. Had she bothered to look at the latest exposes by me, she would have seen photos of ISM leaders like Paul Larudee receiving gold medals from Hamas for the Flotillas. I guess it escaped her that Leila Khaled is still a member of the PFLP who Stillwater only recently encouraged her Facebook readers to donate money to a producer for a film praising the first female hijacker as a “freedom fighter.”

I’d never seen, nor wrote about this woman even once before my latest article broke. Ultimately, I learned she was photographed briefly in the background of an undercover scene of Paul Larudee spilling the beans on ISM and BDS activities. She was still unidentified and said nothing, she might-as-well been a piece of furniture. But now she was going to make attention for herself and her fellow ISM BDS activists. In her complaint, she claimed she had received death threats (none attributable to me), she also accused me of murdering ISM activists who were actually killed by their own Arab handlers, and she went on to claim she lived in daily fear of me due to never occurring “unrelenting threats” that could only be cured by giving her $7,500. Stillwater tells us she’s also an “actress” having appeared in many unpaid student films. As she whined to the judge she was afraid of me, it was clear she needed more training.

The case filing was seen on the Web by a Judge Judy produced court television show, Hot Bench, that offered to televise it and pay the actual claims as an arbitration. Of course, Jane Stillwater jumped at the chance to be on TV! But as the shoot date approached, she got cold feet, canceling the production four times over three months.

I got Paul Larudee deported from Israel back in 2006 when he went there to meet with Hamas. Once deported, Larudee went to Lebanon to assist Hezbollah there during the 2006 war. Now back in the San Francisco Bay Area, Larudee was leading Norcal-ISM and promoting BDS against Israel. Jane Stillwater must have felt Larudee would be more of a match against me in court. She’d add him as a plaintiff then remove him, then add him, then remove him only to have him show up and claim he was a plaintiff during the actual trial that took place on July 6th because Jane Stillwater no longer wanted to do the show on television.

So little Jane Stillwater, renowned war correspondent, pseudo attorney and journalist and terrible actress, a slayer of the U.S. Department of Defense was now facing the big bad “Israel-firster” investigative journalist Lee Kaplan in court and would even make him pay money! She even asked the judge to tell me to “cease and desist” my reporting on the ISM and BDS.

What this case revealed was the thought processes of those in the ISM and BDS Movements. Where the Big Lies against Israel and the Jews may play well in the lazy mainstream Press, or at endless bash Israel conferences, in a court of law those same lies did her in. Laughably, when asked why she should get $7,500, Stillwater explained to the judge that one of my articles had shown Norcal ISM/BDS was breaking the law by not having a permit nor meeting health code standards to sell Pure Extra-Virgin Olive Oil to the public to raise money for their beloved Palestinians in Hamas. She explained that the California Health Department on inspecting them found rat feces in their kitchen that had to be closed down, along with several other changes made to upgrade to the national and state health codes that cost them upwards of $10,000. She wanted an even greater sum to cover these expenses from me, she said,  and she wanted to amend any award on the spot. “The health inspector told us if Lee Kaplan hadn’t alerted them to the violations, we probably could have just kept going on with what we were doing and nobody would be the wiser,” she explained, hoping to get a bigger payday. In other words, Norcal ISM/BDS was violating the law and exposing the public to health risks and because I tipped off the government agencies with my articles I should have to reimburse them their expenses. I’m sure that to the mindset of these people who report and write that Israel is an apartheid state when it isn’t, and that Israel is committing genocide against the Arabs, that terrorists are “political prisoners” and ISIS is from the USA and Israel, their plea to the judge made perfectly good sense. Stillwater, the pseudo- lawyer even cited state law that when read properly completely back up all my reporting.

The judge didn’t buy Stillwater’s and Larudee’s claims and she awarded them absolutely nothing. What struck me as interesting was the judge saying at the start of the case, “I’ve never heard of this International Solidarity Movement before”. Now she has, and it should be a lesson to all those who care about Israel to teach as many people about what makes up the ISM and BDS movement in any way possible. There are other Jane Stillwaters and Paul Larudees all over the U.S.  and even inside Israel, so It should be incumbent on all of us to expose them for the liars and terrorist enablers they truly are through the Press and, if necessary, in court.

אתמול השיקה ח”כ שרן השכל את השדולה לרפורמה באונר”א שתפעל נגד הסתה בארגון ותבחן את הזרמת הכספים לטרור. צפו בראיון מתוך ‘היום הזה’

חברת הכנסת שרן השכל (הליכוד) השיקה אתמול את השדולה החדשה בכנסת שתוביל פיקוח נייטראלי על תפקודו של אונר”א, ארגון ה”סיוע לפליטים הפלסטינים” של האו”ם. השדולה תפעל לגיוס מידע והפעלת לחץ על פרלמנטים בעולם לקידום הרפורמה. היום היא הגיעה לאולפן ‘היום הזה’ כדי להסביר מה עומד מאחורי המהלך.

Read More:


This week has witnessed a veritable army of fools articulating everything from baseless hatred to recycled lies.

While nothing new as far as this phenomenon is concerned, the spouting of irrational nonsense was given a boost by the terror attack at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This holiest site in Judaism has been the target of conspiracy theories and incitement for well over a century. Like all such fictitious claims they have taken on a life of their own and with the help of social media and cyberspace have spread to all parts of the globe.

The fact that seemingly educated individuals can still be seduced by such blatant nonsense speaks volumes about the mendacity of the media and those tasked with disseminating news to the public. It also demonstrates how lies left unchallenged can infect whole swathes of society. It also explains how seemingly civilised populations can be brainwashed into believing the worst about Jews, Judaism and Israel and is a chilling reminder of how this technique was successfully exploited in past times to demonise and delegitimise.

A close examination of the latest verbal outbreaks should help to demonstrate what is occurring and how ignoring it merely postpones the inevitable dire consequences.

Following the murder of two Israeli Druze policemen by Israeli Arab terrorists at the Temple Mount, the site was closed by security authorities. This was to facilitate a search for weapons and other items which had been smuggled in and stored for further attacks. In addition, the installation of metal detectors was initiated, something which should have been done from the very beginning. Those who have visited the Kotel will be well aware that one must pass through these machines and be searched before entering the Western Wall area. This has been the situation for years and is part and parcel of normal procedures.

However anything to do with the Temple Mount itself always develops into a drama of Hollywood proportions. The most insane and idiotic move ever made was to give the Islamic authorities and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan control of the Mount. Ostensibly Israel retains security control but more often than not Islamic incitement and provocations are the order of the day. Anyone who still thinks that the Temple Mount is really in “our hands” is sadly misguided.

In the wake of this latest outrage and bearing in mind security requirements it was no surprise that the usual suspects were not long in shooting off their mouths with statements that were as predictable as our endless days of summer.

The Speaker of the Jordanian Parliament had this to say about the Islamic terrorists who carried out their foul deed:

“Allah should have mercy on our martyrs who watered our pure soil. Their families deserve honour and fame.”

 It is useful to remind ourselves that this expression of support for terror emanates from the Speaker of a country which ostensibly professes peaceful relations with us. How can any sane person believe that giving control of the Temple Mount to those who mouth hateful inanities is anything but insane?

In a similar vein the preacher in the town from where the terrorists originated proclaimed:

“All we know about them is that they served the religion of Allah faithfully.”

 Similar expressions of support for terror were forthcoming from various other Arab officials. It is amazing how some political commentators still do not get the message that after every such incident and expressions of terror support, more Israelis become disillusioned with left wing peace hallucinations.

The new security arrangements have sparked daily Arab riots and outpourings of incitement. The media are out in force and this of course encourages more extreme manufactured outrage.

The PA “Minister of Jerusalem Affairs” accused Israel of taking advantage of the two-day closure of the Temple Mount to check for ways to dig under the Al Aqsa Mosque. This claim is as old as Methuselah and is trotted out on a regular basis in order to prove that the Jews want to undermine the Mosque in order to rebuild the third Temple.

Not to be outdone the deputy Prime Minister of Turkey proclaimed that the temporary closure of the Temple Mount was “a crime against humanity.”  This priceless piece of hypocrisy comes forth from a Government which still does not acknowledge guilt for past genocides against its Armenian citizens.

Totally ignored by Islamic protesters and media alike is the fact that five years ago explosives detectors were installed at the gates of Mecca’s holy Mosque. Security officers at the time explained that this was part of a series of measures designed to improve safety inside and outside the holy site.

The fake outrage we witness at present is therefore nothing more than the usual manifestations of intolerant invective whipped along by the media and others who should know better.

Demonstrating the spread of “foot in mouth disease” here are some other examples which surfaced this week:

Arab Member of Knesset: “Abraham is our forefather. He is NOT the father of the Jews. All the prophets are Muslim or they would not be prophets.”

Hebrew University Professor: “all Jews living in Judea & Samaria are terrorists.”

 World News editor of Ha’Aretz in response to President Macron’s statement that anti-Zionism is really anti-Semitism: “Macron is wrong. Anti Zionism is resisting the racism inherent in today’s Zionism – it’s not anti-Semitism.”

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour interviewing the international spokesperson for Jewish Hebron: “Do you hear God telling you to take this land? What is the symbolism of the two blue lines on the Israeli flag? Is it that Israel will control the land from the Nile to the Euphrates?”

Mark Twain was spot on when he stated:

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove any doubt.”    


Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.

Out of the mouths of fools…writes Michael Kuttner