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Implications of a Palestinian State for Israeli Security and Nuclear War: A Jurisprudential Assessment


Normally, students of international law approach the question of a Palestinian State from the standpoints of terrorism,’ self determination and human rights. Although such an approach is altogether reasonable, it is also purposeful to examine the question of Palestinian statehood from the perspectives of Israel’s national security, nuclear strategy, and regional nuclear war. With this in mind, the following article undertakes this second form of examination, thereby adding an essential jurisprudential component to a timely and urgent issue in world politics.

Whether or not a State of Palestine will come into existence in the next several years is no longer problematic. When it does come into being, Israel’s nuclear strategy’ will surely be affected.

And this strategy, in turn, will affect the probability of nuclear war in the Middle East.

What, precisely, are the pertinent connections?

Interestingly, an ironic connection exists between Israel’s posture on Judea/Samaria vs. Palestine and its nuclear strategy, i.e., a “hawkish” position on maintaining control over the remaining territories (the position of Oslo9 opponents) is normally associated with a “dovish” position on nuclear strategy (because, inter alia, Israel has substantially greater strategic depth l” under extant conditions).

Gulf-Stater Och Gaza UNRWA-Utbildning

UAE (United Arab Emirates) sponsrar öppet UNRWA-skolor i Gaza, som är verksamma under Hamas fullständiga kontroll, tillhandahåller militär utbildning för UNRWA-studenter och en läroplan som bygger på indoktrinering till jihad, martyrdom, “återvändande” med våldsvapen, demonisering och krig mot judarna.

Våra senaste dokumenterade rapporter visar att UNRWA-skolorna har radikaliserats under de senaste två åren och omvandlat UNRWA-skolor till terrorbaser.

Talmanskonferensen för stora judiska organisationer har besökt UAE och avslöjat rapporter om UAE-moderering.

Vill Sverige som sponsorland till UNRWA veta av den verklighet där UAE finansierar krigsindoktrinering av Gazas ungdom?

Kommer Sveriges Israel vänner/humanitära förespråkare att bjuda in våra experter att ta itu med detta för att lyfta de uppgifter som kommit fram angående  UAE och dess syfte?

En uppdaterad rapport om UAE: s ekonomi till UNRWAs  terrorism kan vara intressant även för svenska ”samarbetande” skattebetalare!

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Dead Sea shrinking: a story told in photos

Noam Bedein shared his photo documentation of the Dead Sea which is rapidly evaporating.

Courtesy of Noam Bedein Dead Sea

When Noam Bedein first took a boat tour in Israel, he witnessed salt caves and colorful salt structures that had been hidden under water for thousands of years. When he came back to the site five months later, the landscape had dramatically changed.

The Dead Sea is a hypersaline salt lake which borders Israel, The West Bank and Jordan. The lake has the world’s lowest elevation and is known for its mineral-rich black mud, which has been used for its “healing” properties, both therapeutic and cosmetic.

The lake is rapidly disappearing, as it is evaporating and will likely be gone by 2050.

Bedein, an environmental photojournalist, brought his photo documentation of Israel’s Dead Sea to Cal State Long Beach last week.

According to Bedein, the lake is diminishing at a rate of “600 Olympic pools a day,” as industries are pumping out tons of water from the Jordan River, a large tributary.

“I took my parents on the same excursion, and I didn’t recognize where we were,” Bedein said. “It had completely changed.”

As a photojournalist with a passion for documenting wildlife and nature, Bedein decided to start the Dead Sea Revival Project. The group documents the changes of the Dead Sea to educate and target the restoration of the lake.

According to Bedein, the sea has the lowest elevation in the world, meaning it is the lowest point on the Earth’s surface. As water levels decreases, natural salt formations glean pastel blues and purples — a sight that has been hidden underwater for thousands of years. After the formations dry up in the sun, they are lost forever.

Noam Bedein shared his photo documentation of the Dead Sea which is rapidly evaporating.
Courtesy of Noam Bedein Dead Sea

“There is such a contrast in this work we’re doing,” Bedein said. “I’ve seen the beauty and magic coming out of this catastrophe.”

Because of the organization’s efforts to educate the world about this problem, Israel and Jordan are planning to launch the Peace Canal, a movement that aims to restore the Dead Sea and allocate its waters to the two countries.

Israel is also the global leader in desalination technology, which recycles saltwater to use for drinking. Israel currently recycles about 88 percent of its water, over 60 percent more than the next highest county in the world.

“The visual representation of this issue makes it really pressing,” said Sandy Sauter, a senior majoring in geography. “It’s shocking to see how quickly water is declining and how destructive it is to this land.”

According to bedein, California has seen its share of devastating fires, mudslides and droughts, and having more access to water from this recycling process could help combat the state’s natural disasters.

Students in a tightly packed Peterson Hall classroom showed their appreciation for Bedein’s work.

“I didn’t know Israel was the number one water recycler,” said Mariah Shope, a junior geography major. “It shows the desperation of Israel to get fresh, clean water, and how important it is to recycle our resources.”

Bedein plans to continue to document his exploration and findings in a place that produces minerals used for healing worldwide. His photographs of the project can be seen on Instagram at “Noam Bedein Dead Sea.”

The real riot agenda

Quote of the day: “A riot is a spontaneous outburst. A war is subject to advance planning”…writes Michael Kuttner.

This succinctly sums up the mayhem surrounding the staged, organised and choreographed drama on the Gaza/Israel border. In scenes reminiscent of a lousy TV soap opera, the build up and advance publicity associated with this production guaranteed maximum worldwide exposure. The props were prepared well in advance, the participants had plenty of time to rehearse their moves and the script was tailored precisely for the intended viewing public.

In other words, although portrayed as a spontaneous outburst of righteous indignation and a cry for help the real agenda is something else altogether. The Hamas leadership makes no secret of its intentions. They know that the international media and the usual useful idiots will ignore both the genocidal aims of Hamas and the supporting cheer leaders from Ramallah. In fact the more extreme their rhetoric becomes the greater chance of increased funding from nations whose hypocritical contortions have reached unbelievable heights.

Portrayed in the general media as a desperate plea for help from the suffering masses the actual reality is far removed from this alleged portrayal. If the “rent a crowd” journalists bothered to investigate and research the utterances of Hamas and Fatah leaders they would rapidly discover the true agenda. Setting up tent cities adjacent to the border, facilitating women and children to live there without running water or hygienic facilities while organising daily riots involving violence are all designed with one aim in mind. Pictures and videos of them storming the border fence in front of Hamas terrorists makes fantastic visual viewing. If the media can capture the IDF firing to prevent breaches to the fence and there are resultant casualties then it is an added bonus.

This video just released by the World Jewish Congress clearly sums up the real situation and agenda. You will not see it anywhere in the local media.

The “made for TV” Hamas production succeeds every time because the media laps it up and the subsequent political fallout is always guaranteed to release an avalanche of condemnation from all the expected sources. Deliberately ignored are the articulated intentions of the instigators of this farce which is scheduled to run repeatedly until May when the annual “nakba” frenzy will rev up and the US opens its Jerusalem Embassy.

Lost in all this fog of misinformation is the elementary question of who is funding the ongoing riots or more accurately the continuing war against the Jewish State. The short answer is that the taxpayers of Australia and New Zealand are helping to fuel this war of hate because their tax money is continuing to be sent to groups fully involved in furthering campaigns against Israel.

Just one classic example should suffice to expose the extent of the can of worms which donor nations steadfastly continue to ignore.

As reported by an impeccable source, a Hamas affiliated newspaper, the head of UNRWA Gaza workers’ union stated: “the people who gathered here came to express their right to return.”
He added and that “rights are not received with supplication but must be obtained by force.” He praised the Palestinian Arabs who participate in “peaceful” demonstrations on Friday and in the so-called large-scale intended “march of the return.”

Not to be outdone the Director of UNRWA operations in Gaza proclaimed his support for anti Israel demonstrations at the border fence and pledged that his organization would provide medical care to all “refugees” injured during these misnamed “peaceful” expressions of rage.

Thus, once again UNRWA’s true intentions are revealed. The original refugees now number less than 20,000 but thanks to a self-perpetuating policy of deceit and deception those designated as refugees have multiplied by many millions. One would have thought that this policy of permanently maintaining an ever-increasing number of displaced persons which in turn demands an endless supply of donor funds is the perfect excuse for donor nations to declare DAYENU. Apart from the USA every other country merrily carries on throwing their money into the Hamas controlled camps. Where do you think the money to pay for riots, demonstrations, marches, tunnels and terror come from? Any misery suffered by the residents of Gaza is inflicted by their own leaders’ reckless and obsessive desire to eliminate Israel.
The PA receives billions from the international community annually.

Here is what it helps to fund (as revealed by PMW):

It is therefore astounding that in the face of this blatant reality the Australian Government continues to send foreign aid to groups intent on undermining the Jewish State. Even worse is this recent news report which shows that New Zealand taxpayers are now going to contribute even more. “Several weeks ago, UNRWA received pledges of $100 million in additional funding from Qatar, Canada, Switzerland, Turkey, New Zealand, Norway, Korea, Mexico, Slovakia, India and France as a means of making up for the aid that was cut by Washington.”

Abbas has now openly admitted the “pay to slay” policy of the PA and pledged it will continue. Where do you think these funds originate from? The PA Secretary General announced on International Women’s Day: “having female terrorist leaders is proof of gender equality in Fatah. There is no difference between men and women.”

The silence from the UN was total. Actually they were not entirely silent because in quick succession another slew of anti Israel condemnations have been forthcoming and there are more in the pipeline.

On the eve of Yom Hashoah it behooves us to remember the world’s silence and hypocrisy in the lead up to the war. Despite today’s pious declarations most of the international community has reverted to the standard ritual of blaming Jews for defending themselves and continue to fund those intent on finishing what the Germans and their willing helpers failed to finish.

In the succinct words of John Bolton, the new designated USA National Security Adviser: “The United Nations is a never-ending scandal disguised as an everlasting hope.”

Anti-Semitism i UNRWA utbildning

Den senaste veckan samlades det globala forumet mot antisemitism i Jerusalem och av någon anledning ansågs det inte lämpligt att varken undersöka eller ens nämna UNRWA, FN: s hjälporganisation, som ingjuter antisemitism genom hjärntvätt hos flyktingarna och deras efterkommande från kriget 1948; i Syrien, Libanon, Jordanien, Judéen, Samaria, Jerusalem och Gaza. På de sistnämnda två områdena bär dessa ansvaret för utbildningen till en fjärdedel av den palestinska elevkåren, med över 320 000 studenter på cirka 370 skolor.

Som självpåtagen policy använder UNRWA läroböcker i sina skolor från värdlandet i de olika ämnen som undervisningen gäller. Det ger upphov till ett allvarligt etiskt problem, eftersom dessa böcker innehåller grova anti-israeliska, anti-sionistiska och till och med antisemitiska uttryck som tydligt motsätter sig UNRWA: s antagna neutrala och fredsorienterade karaktär som en FN-organisation.

Antisemitism i den arabiska världen är en betydande grundorsak till den nuvarande konflikten, dess rötter kan spåras till perioder från lång tid tillbaka. Det existerar i de flesta arabiska skolböckers läroplan. Detta är också fallet i de palestinska skolböckerna, men i mindre utsträckning jämförande med dem i Syrien, Saudiarabien och Egypten. Det beror förmodligen på att den palestinska handbokens publiceringsverksamhet delvis finansierades av västerländska givarstater.

Detta antagande bekräftas genom en händelse som ägde rum 2004 när den palestinska myndigheten (PA) utfärdade en skolbok i historia för årskurs 10 där ”De äldstes protokoll i Zion” beskrev den konfidentiella resolutionen från den första sionistiska kongressen, som hölls i Basel , Schweiz, år 1897. Efter en rapport från författaren om detta dokument 2005 blev vår byrå kontaktad av den belgiska ambassaden i Tel Aviv med begäran att få den relevanta arabiska sidan tillsammans med en engelsk översättning. Några månader senare utfärdade PA en ny version av boken där den nämnda beskrivningen uteslutits.

Eftersom UNRWA använder PA-skolböckerna utan kontroll eller krav på ändringar, blir UNRWA fullständigt allierad med anti-israelisk och även antisemitisk indoktrinering. Antisemitiska uttryck i sådana skolböcker har funnits i UNRWA i sju decennier, främst inom området gällande konflikten, men också i den religiösa undervisningen.

The UNRWA uprising. Stage one

David Bedein / Eliran Aharon

“​To understand what is behind the current ​marches and riots in Gaza, “for the Right of Return by force of arms,” look no further than UNRWA operations in Gaza,” says David Bedein, Director of the Israel Resource News Agency and Center for Near East Policy Research, who has investigated and exposed the duplicity of UN-funded UNRWA for decades.

“80% of Gazans live in UNRWA refugee facilities, constantly brainwashed by the UNRWA premise and promise of the ‘right’ to return to Arab villages which existed before 1948, although almost none of them ever lived there nor did their forebears,” Bedein explains.

“UNRWA has been facilitating this so-called ‘return’ march on the Gaza border for nearly a decade. The scope of our investigations of UNRWA in Gaza(1) show that:

1. UNRWA allows the Hamas leadership to control the UNRWA workers union and the UNRWA teachers association, despite the fact that Hamas is defined by the US, Canada, the UK, the EU and Australia as a ‘terrorist entity.’ These four countries and the EU together provide 84% of the UNRWA budget. (2)

2. UNRWA uses the new school books of the Palestinian Authority which violate UN standards by indoctrinating their students to violence and to the destruction of a member state of the UN. UNRWA reasons that it uses the school books of the host country. Since Palestine does not exist, the host country is Israel- certainly that is so in Jerusalem. (3)

3. UNRWA allows El-kutla youth clubs, which orient UNRWA students to join Hamas, to operate on the UNRWA school premises

4.UNRWA has openly ​helped Hamas, most notably by allowing missiles to be stored in its educational facilities and transferring much of the food sent to aid Gazan residents to that terror organization.​

5. UNRWA allows for no system of transparency or accountability. . This results in the widespread reports of wasted resources, duplicity of services and the undesired flow of cash to Gaza-based terror groups, which have gained control over UNRWA operations there for the past 18 years.

6. UNRWA does not allow for emigration from UNRWA facilities to other Arab Countries nor does UNRWA allow for transformation of UNRWA refugee camps into decent places for people to live.

The solution: Adopt a six pronged UNRWA Reform Initiative(4):

‘Are You Ready for Children Coming at You with Guns?’ Israel Braces as UN Program Fuels Arab Anger

A big showdown is brewing on Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip.

Weekend riots turned deadly, and now Israel’s military may enter Gaza to stop Hamas terrorists from stoking more violence that some predict could continue for the next six weeks.

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has warned that Israel may have no choice but to enter the Gaza Strip if Hamas continues to promote and expand violent protests.

The Israeli Defense Forces will also not rescind the policy of using live fire in the aftermath of protests that led to 17 deaths and hundreds of injuries during a “March to Return” demonstration at the Israeli border with Gaza.

An estimated 30,000 protesters showed up for what was billed as a peaceful march. Salah Abdeldati, Palestinian on the legal committee for the March to Return, claimed Israel is responsible for the violence.

“We have organize[d] and will continue to organize cultural, social and sporting activities to distract the [Gaza] youths from confronting the occupation soldiers,” Abdeldati said. “But as you see, the soldiers keep provoking the protesters to drag them into a circle of violence.”

But news video and video from the Israeli military showed protesters hurling rocks and Molotov cocktails at Israeli security forces and rolling burning tires at them.

While much of the world is blaming Israel for the violence, Israeli leaders say Hamas will resort to anything, including the use of women and children as human shields, in its war against their nation.

Israeli Defense Forces video shows a seven-year-old girl being prodded across the border presumably to goad Israelis into shooting. The military said the girl was returned to her parents.

“They’ve fired rockets toward Israel, they’ve attempted to infiltrate the border between Israel, a sovereign border. They’ve fired guns toward Israel. They’ve thrown Molotov cocktails. This is in no way peaceful. This is violence,” IDF spokesperson Keren Hajioff said.

Author and journalist David Bedein of the Center for Near East Policy Research has documented the Palestinian fight against Israel for decades.

He told CBN News that Hamas and other Palestinian groups seek more than just a public relations victory in Gaza. He accused UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, of funding and promoting the cause of Hamas through schools subsidized by western nations, including the United States.

Of the current protests he said, “This is the first stage, which will last for six weeks and for the next six weeks all the schools of the country, not only in Gaza, also in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem, will be having programs to promote the Right of Return March on May 15th, when the children will be commanded to take back the homes the children lost, or their grandparents lost, in 1948.”

Bedein contends it’s no accident that the protest coincides with Israel’s 70th anniversary and with the Trump Administration’s plan to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May.

He’s concerned that Israelis haven’t come to terms with what might follow the current wave of demonstrations for the Arab demand that they return not just to Judea and Samaria {the West Bank}, but to all of the cities and villages where Arabs lived before Israel’s 1948 independence declaration.

“Stage two will be much more massive, much more aggressive and much more lethal in certain respects,” Bedein explained. “No one is ready for this, and I keep asking the people in the Israeli army, are you ready for children coming at you with guns?  And there’s no preparation for that.”

Weekly Commentary: Hamas Commanders Aren’t Surfing Internet In Their Underwear in the Kitchen

According to Hamas,this week 30,000 Hamas soldiers participated in
“Steadfastness and Challenge”, a large-scale two-day military maneuver in
the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas “military wing” is most certainly not a ragtag collection of
amateur terrorists.

They are both well equipped and well trained.

And they benefit from the ongoing advice and support of professionals from
Iran and elsewhere.

Bottom line: the last thing that Israeli decision makers should do is assume
that Hamas has a transparent simple minded plan for the coming weeks.

My biggest fear?

Hamas is deploying troops to ostensibly prevent marchers from reaching
Israel this Friday.

If the day passes with only minor incidents, Israeli decision makers may be
lulled into doing what they almost always do: assume that what happened
today is going to repeat itself tomorrow.

Hamas troops defend our border?


Time to reinstate cancelled holiday leave.

And this goes on for a week.

And another week.

So by the time we reach Israel Independence Day all the talking heads are
discussing how we should reward Hamas and IDF preparations start winding

And then it happens.

A surge of tens of thousands towards Israel.

There could even be some Arab gunfire blamed on “radicals” trying to
undermine Hamas.

But then it happens.

After we quickly exhaust our non-lethal tools, we start shooting.

And those Hamas troops that have been deployed all this time on the line do
the obvious: start attacking Israeli forces.

And then?

I don’t want to speculate here.

Suffice it to say that Hamas today has the men, equipment and training to do
a lot more than just cross the line and murder some Israelis or drag back

I sincerely hope that our security people have thought out of the box when
considering what Hamas may do and how to prepare to foil these possible

As for the obvious challenge of tens of thousands – or more – streaming over
the line, here’s one cynical but possibly critical observation: the
international consequences of killing 20 people or 2,000 is almost virtually

The troops in the field need to be prepared to implement a devastatingly
bloody “Plan B’ if sharpshooters neutralizing key leaders fail to halt the
surging mob.

And that “Plan B” has got to be so ferociously effective that we will be
able to honestly justify it by citing its efficacy.