27 Adar 5777 | Saturday, March 25, 2017
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One of the foci of the Center for Near East Policy Research, CFNEPR, which I have directed since the retirement of Dr. Arnold Soloway in 2005, remains the issue of UNRWA, which we film and publish investigations for the media and for elected officials.
Our 29 year inquiry into UNRWA policy has directly led to the US government GAO full scale investigation into UNRWA ties with organizations designated by the US as terrorist organizations.


Our offer, this year, was to fly over  Jewish and Arab on UNRWA , to brief 2017 AIPAC conference with our latest investigations of UNRWA, on film and with hands- on documentation.

Since the US allocated $400 million to UNRWA – one third of the UNRWA budget – this is an American issue that would concern ever member of AIPAC.

We held successive meetings with AIPAC staff in Jerusalem, yet never received an answer as to why the Center for Near East Policy Research would not be allowed to provide a briefing for AIPAC conference members at its conference.

We did get a call this week from a prominent  ​elder statesman of AIPAC, who was called in by the US State Department and told by State that UNRWA had reformed its school system and ​ that UNRWA now promotes peace and reconciliation.

Not much different from the Obama administration Line from exactly one year ago on the same subject:

http://israelbehindthenews. com/us-govt-fabrication%E2%80% 8B%E2%80%8Bthat-paunrwa- school-books-meet-standards- peace-education/14527/

​At that time, Guy Lawson the head of PRM,  the Dep’t of Population Refugees & Migration  who oversees PA/UNRWA US State department policy,  ​personally met with me and reassured our agency that the US State Department had ev‎aluated the PA textbooks used in UNRWA schools and that they met standards of peace education.

However, CFNEPR verified that no such ev‎aluation ever occurred and that State Department instead issued orders to US AID not to examine the PA school books used in UNRWA school.


Our response was to immediately purchase all educational content used by  UNRWA and to hire two PhD’s to translate the material and two Arab experts  to ev‎aluate the material. .

The executive summary of UNRWA education speaks for itself.


We also commissioned a study on the current HAMAS terror involvement with UNRWA ​speaks for itself.

These are our latest films which AIPAC members could have seen this week:





It should be noted that the Israel Minister of Defense has taken the unprecedented move of making demands that UNRWA must crush Hamas



Israeli intelligence assesses that UNRWA fears that the US Congress may take action against Hamas.


Over the past few weeks, UNRWA inadvertently admitted that Hamas officials are on its staff,  something that our office uncovered and warned about for the past 14 years:



Our conclusion is that  the  virulent anti-semitism which emanates from UNRWA is worse than ever.​

There are initiatives now pending in the US Congress to condition further US Aid to UNRWA on a cessation of UNRWA anti-Semitic policy.

However, key members of the US Congress people have informed us that AIPAC will not support that legislation, a stand which essentially kills the initiative to put a stop to the efforts of UNRWA to instill anti-semtic fervor in the hearts and minds of the 492,000 students who learn in UNRWA schools.

It has come to our attention that AIPAC may follow the lead of the Israel Civil Administration, which pays no attention whatsoever to the anti-semitism that is promulgated by UNRWA. The Middle East Forum study on why AIPAC influences the US Congess to not act against UNRWA speaks for itself:


Unanswered questions to AIPAC:

​Why would AIPAC not allow CFNEPR  to conduct a briefing to share our research, films and studies of UNRWA with AIPAC conference  participants?

Why does AIPAC not support new legislation to condition US Aid to UNRWA on a cessation of anti-semitism ?


The political behavior of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in relation to the Palestinian opposition is no different from any other ruler in an Arab country. In other words, this is another dictator who knows how to suppress his opponents using various pretexts.

Abbas’ bitter rivalry with Mohammad Dahlan and the deep hatred Abbas has towards Dahlan has resulted in some unusual steps, the latest of which was a directive given by the Palestinian Foreign Ministry to all the PLO representatives abroad to restrict the activities of Dahlan in Europe because of a conference he organized two weeks ago in Paris.

Political rivalry is normal and legitimate, but the PA chairman crossed “red lines” by setting his security forces against his political opponents, at the head of which is Dahlan – just as tyrants do in dictatorships.

In recent weeks, Abbas’ security forces have been working to locate hundreds of Palestinian youths who participated in several conferences organized by Dahlan for Fatah activists in Ein a-Sukhna, Egypt.

Some of the students were located and interrogated, and ten of them were transferred to administrative detention, accused of having attempted to co-operate with Egyptian intelligence in an attempt to overthrow the PA chairman.

One of the most sensitive issues for Abbas is the Palestinian security coordination with Israel, set according to the Oslo Accords. Abbas is careful to maintain the security cooperation, and even once defined it as “holy.” The PA Chairman knows that the war on terror and his insistence on security coordination is his oxygen pipeline that allows him to continue to rule.

Israel is the one providing Abbas with this oxygen. The IDF safeguards the main routes throughout the West Bank, enabling the proper functioning of PA institutions in Ramallah. The Israel Defense Forces has already thwarted two major Hamas plots to topple the PA. Every month the PA receives hundreds of millions of shekels from Israel used to pay the salaries of thousands of PA officials.

Last week, the Palestinian police brutally dispersed demonstrations in Ramallah and Bethlehem against the prosecution of five wanted men including Basel al-Araj, who was killed in clashes with IDF forces in Ramallah.

The demonstrations took place during the visit of U.S. envoy Jason Greenblatt in Israel. According to sources in the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas wanted to demonstrate to the U.S. administration how he maintains security coordination with Israel and with an iron fist crushes any criticism against him.

Suppression of Journalist and Political Activists

Abbas’ right-hand man in his struggle against critical press is General Majed Faraj, Head of Palestinian General Intelligence. This intelligence apparatus works to locate Abbas’ critics in the media and social networks.

Its activities have been ongoing for several years. In October 2016, Palestinian General Intelligence arrested journalists Muhammad Abu Guheisha and Nidal al-Natasha for allegedly cursing and denouncing the PA and Mahmoud Abbas. In Qalqiliya, journalist Qais Abu Samra was summoned for a warning by the Palestinian police. In Nablus, journalist Tareq Abu Zayd was prosecuted for blaspheming the PA.

Imad al-Faranji, head of the Palestinian Press Club, said that the journalists and political activists in the territories were very concerned about the PA campaign of terrorizing journalists and activists.

The PA also operates abroad against its critics. According to Fatah sources, last October, Mahmoud Abbas sent a letter to Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki, in which he asked to prepare a file on all Facebook activists who criticize him and live in the United States, Europe, and Arab countries. In fact, the PA has prepared a “black list” of these activists.

Abd al-Rahman Thaher, a film producer based in Jordan, said he had received threatening phone calls for criticizing the PA, transferring money to Abbas’ opponents, and allegedly acting on behalf of the Jordanian intelligence service.

Sources in Fatah said that the Palestinian General Intelligence had handed over to the Palestinian Foreign Ministry a list of all the opponents of Mahmoud Abbas living abroad so that he could turn to the foreign ministries in those countries to curb the criticism.

Foreign Minister al-Maliki denied the report, but the Rai al-Yom newspaper reported on October 14, 2016, that the Palestinian Foreign Minister had sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry asking that they act against political activist Fadi al-Salamin on charges of supporting terrorism and incitement against peace.

The letter included a request to prevent al-Salamin from criticizing the PA and Mahmoud Abbas on his Facebook page. Al-Salamin is one of the sharpest opponents of the PA in the United States.

Another Palestinian journalist, Hanin Warda al-Abed, who lives in Turkey, has also been pressured not to criticize the PA.

Earlier this month, Palestinian security forces in Hebron arrested journalist Amer Abu Arfa, but was released after a day of interrogation.

Tracking Social Networks

The PA, as might be expected, denies that it is persecuting political activists and journalists.

According to Palestinian sources, on March 9, 2017, the Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, Rami Hamdallah, sent a letter to General Ziad al-Harih, head of PA Preventive Security, instructing him to step up oversight and monitoring of the accounts of people on social networks that “incite against our institutions.”

This message, which was leaked to several Arabic-language websites, attests more than anything else to the PA’s attitude toward freedom of expression.

This is not an issue of opinions published in the media, but in posts published by residents living in the West Bank and Palestinians living abroad.

Summary: The PA continues to persecute its critics wherever it can.

The PA chairman cannot tolerate any criticism. The criticism is not only political, but involves criticism of acts of corruption attributed to him, his two sons, Yasser and Tarek, and other PA officials.

Palestinian residents of the territories, who live near Israel and see Israeli democracy close up, understand very well that they live in a dictatorship under Abbas. Palestinians understand that they will be forced to live under that dictatorship in a Palestinian state if it is established.

Mahmoud Abbas Against Freedom of Expression

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They may fight each other and disagree on tactics but there is one thing guaranteed to unite them and that is hatred for Israel.

Whether it is Hamas, Palestine Liberation Organisation, Palestinian Authority or Hezbollah it makes no difference. Methods may differ but the desire is identical. Abbas, the eternal President of a terror State in waiting may sound like a reasonable peace partner and portray himself as a benign patron of brotherly love to gullible media and politicians alike but the brutal truth is that beneath this deceptive persona lurks an entirely different individual. He may not openly display the crude prejudices of his colleagues who lead other terror groups but his real intentions are the same.

It is important to recognise this because far too often Israeli and Jewish leaders overseas prefer to live in a haze of myopic self delusion as to the ultimate agenda of those who plot against us.

Recent declarations make it clear.

There has been much speculation that Hamas is in the process of “moderating” its genocidal ambitions. Talk of producing a new charter and hints of accepting a Jewish State based on the 1949 armistice lines have caused doves to flutter in ecstatic excitement. Sober reality compels us to acknowledge that while some of the crude Jew hatred language of the current charter may be altered for cosmetic consumption, the basic aim remains the same. Looking behind the media spin we find something entirely different.

Speaking on Al Aqsa television on 8 March, a senior Hamas leader declared that “removing the Jews from the land they occupied in 1948 is an immutable principle in the Koran. Our position is Palestine in its entirety and not a grain of soil less.” He further urged members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad never to mention the term 1967 borders and added “we have liberated Gaza, part of Palestine but are not prepared to accept just Gaza. We will fight them wherever we can – on the ground, underground, from the skies.”

 Now, you cannot make it clearer than that. Those who don’t want to hear will of course remain deaf but there is no reason why the sane majority should follow the pathetic progressives down a path doomed to bring disaster.

Hezbollah in Lebanon make their intentions perfectly clear. Funded and fueled by Iran, now flush with funds facilitated by Obama and Kerry, they have amassed a huge arsenal of rockets all primed and aimed in our direction. In recent days Israel has dealt with convoys supplying this terror group but eventually much more robust action will be needed to eliminate this major threat. We cannot rely on the international community to do anything meaningful so as usual it will be up to us.

Meanwhile those touted as “moderate” and wonderful “partners” continue to incite and delegitimise on a daily basis. They can do this safe in the knowledge that a corrupted UN will ignore their actions and instead spend its time passing resolutions condemning Israel. Within the last few days the following expressions of fraternal “friendship” have emanated from Abbas and other leaders of the Palestinian Authority.

At an event honouring Dalal Mughrabi, Fatah representatives praised this female terrorist for her actions. Dalal Mughrabi led the most lethal terror attack in Israel’s history, known as the Coastal Road massacre, in 1978, when she and other Fatah terrorists hijacked a bus on Israel’s Coastal Highway, murdering 37 civilians, 12 of them children, and wounding over 70.  Following is the text which appeared on a sign next to her photo: “Jerusalem is our oath”
“The 39th anniversary of the death as a Martyr (Shahid) of Palestinian fighter Dalal Mughrabi, one of the most famous Palestinian self-sacrificing fighters (Fida’iya). She was born in 1958 in one of the refugee camps in Beirut, and was the daughter of a family from the city of Jaffa that escaped to Lebanon due to the Nakba (i.e., “the catastrophe,” Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) of 1948.”

 This murderer has also had a Fatah youth camp in Nablus named after her.

In honour of International Women’s Day, Jibril Rajoub, touted as an eventual successor to Abbas, hosted a ceremony in Bethlehem which glorified women terrorists. Plaques awarded to female “fighters” featured a map of “Palestine” which erased Israel.

At a ceremony marking the commencement of a project in the refugee camp by Jericho, funded by a Japanese NGO, the camp logo also shows an Arab State called Palestine completely replacing Israel.

Abbas in a speech stated on PA television: “The international community is becoming more and more convinced that the occupation of the Palestinian state by Israel is the reason for all the disasters that the region and the world are suffering from…”

 Remember the ill fated resolution accusing Israel of being an apartheid State? After being forced to rescind this resolution the Jordanian Chairperson resigned in protest. This week Abbas awarded her a medal of valour for her fearless advocacy.

 These are just a few examples but they demonstrate a consistent theme. Only the blind fail to see its message. The rest of us recognize only too well that any Palestinian State which might arise in Judea and Samaria, together with Gaza, will be a proxy for the Iranian regime. Its presence in our very midst will constitute a danger to the lives of every Israeli.

Despite all this clear evidence it was unbelievable to learn this week that the Israeli Government had facilitated the transfer of 300 million shekels in cash from the Gulf States to Gaza. Anyone with half a brain knows that this money will end up fuelling more terror. Apologists maintain that if we do not allow this, Hamas and Gaza will “explode” in frustration!!

Israel helps to fund those who plot murder and mayhem against its citizens? Is this insane? There is no accounting for the stupidity of so called experts. In the same week the Shin Bet Security Service arrested two Palestinian Arabs caught funneling Gaza reconstruction money from Turkish charities to Hamas. Why is one good and the other criminal?

The UN Human Rights Council, meeting this week in Geneva engaged in its usual ritual of Israel bashing. However this time they were shamed into silence as a result of an outstanding response to their lies by Hillel Neuer of UN Watch. His short rebuttal is a masterpiece.


Birds of a terror feather definitely flock together. Those supporting the murder of Israelis need to be thwarted and defeated not facilitated.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.     

Birds of a feather, united by terror…writes Michael Kuttner

The purpose of this project is to have our book “Genesis of the Palestinian Authority” reach 1,000 influential people and influence their policy or coverage of the Israeli-Arab conflict. Our center will arrange for a personal delivery to each one. These people are to be found in:

  1. All diplomatic missions in Jerusalem.
  2. All major think tanks.
  3. Staff of all major elected officials who deal with Middle East policy in the US, UK, Canada, EU, Australia, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Russia.
  4. Major correspondents who cover the Middle East in Jerusalem, DC, LA, NY, Cairo, Amman, the EU, Sweden, Switzerland and Russia.
  5. All foreign policy personnel of the governments of the US, Israel, UK, Canada, EU, Sweden, Switzerland and Russia.

If you wish to help influence these influential people, please order a copy (or several) of the book, specify who you intend the book for, and we will have the book hand delivered.

The cost of the book is 25.99$ with a delivery fee of 14$.


I would like to purchase ________ copies of the book.

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The total amount of order _______________________________

If you wish to order online, please go to http://israelbehindthenews.com/donations/

Funds can also be sent to: 

Center for Near East Policy Research
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Aipac is not allowing our experts – two Arabs, two Jews – to present to the 1017 AIPAC conference how $400 million of US AID to UNRWA – one third of the UNRWA budget- is used to foment terrorism in US-funded UNRWA facilities.

Our team has produced new research which updates, among other things, new evidence of the Hamas takeover of the US built schools in UNRWA schools in Gaza. That is illegal under US law.

Why does Aipac not want their conference participants to know that?

US AID to UNRWA is used to run child army camps for UNRWA students.

Why does Aipac not want their conference participants to see that?

UNRWA, funded by US AID, engages in egregious child abuse.

Why does Aipac not want their conference participants to see that?


We have asked AIPAC. They will not answer.

Informed observers of US Middle East policy

often ​discuss developments between Israel and the US and  limiting themselves  to the ​difficulties of the eight years Obama , forgetting the  differences between the Israeli and American governments over polices towards the PLO with five successive presidents.

However, having run a news agency in the heart of Jerusalem for the past 30 years, my perspective on US –Israel policy differences goes bac​k ​28 years, ​not 8 years.

​The ​critical moment of crisis  of confidence became pronounced when  ​​President ​Ronald Reagan recognized the PLO in December, 1988​,​ ignor​ing​ ​US policy guidelines which tied US recognition of the PLO to a demand that the PLO must first accept UN resolution 242, denounce violence and recognize Israel.

The new Reagan policy towards the PLO stood in sharp contrast​ to repeated declarations of Reagan’s Secretary of State George Schultz who passionately denounced the PLO as an unrelenting terrorist organization, which could never be trusted to make peace.

With my own eyes, I watched Schultz lead  AIPAC participants ​at the AIPAC conference in May 1987. in a chant, “Hell No, PLO”

​Yet the Reagan demands of Arafat, leader of the PLO, were far from that.

Within two days of Arafat mouthing symbolic words which denounced terrorism, the PLO issued continuing statements that this did not mean that the PLO would have to stop killing Jews to achieve its goals of Palestinian Arab independence.

In December 1989. I asked a close Reagan adviser, Dr. Alan Keyes, with an impeccable pro Israel stance, who served as under ​Sec’y ​of State for Inter organization Affairs, as to why the Reagan Administration turned on Israel in favor of the PLO.

Dr. Keyes gave a clear response: The Saudis ​were ​​fearful that the PLO, would organize an Intifada resurrection in Saudi Arabia which would result in the PLO burning their oil fields, destabilizing the Arab and world economy.

Yet ​the ​Reagan unconditional acceptance of the PLO has marked US Middle East policy until the inauguration of ​Donald ​ Trump.

​During these 28 years that of this new PLO policy, the US helped create the nascent Palestinian Authority, which introduced a new school system of schoolbooks and teachers who have indoctrinated the next generation of Palestinian Arab children with the “values” of liberating all of Palestine by force of arms.

In 1996, I met Arafat and asked to see the new PLO schoolbooks, which would be placed in use in the PA/UNRWA school system. Arafat complied and arranged for our office to receive new Palestinian Authority schoolbooks. Ever since, our office has have produced updated translations that seem to prove the thesis of MK Benyamin Begin, who often remarks that PLO advocates the “two stage solution”, not the two state solution.

Yet successive US administrations  ​refused to acknowledge the lethal content of the new Palestinian Authority curriculum used in the UNRWA school system, which prepares 492,000 Arab students in Judea, Jerusalem, Samaria and Gaza for a Jihad holy war against Israel.

All that changed in February, at the first press conference that President Trump held with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, when the new US President dramatically declared that he had seen the Palestinian Authority textbooks, and, as a result, expressed doubts as to the sincerity of the PA as a peace partner.

How did the President get to see the PA school books?


Only through happenstance in Jerusalem. I covered a conference in Jerusalem where conservative political parties from a number of nations, and raised questions about the neglected issue of education during the years of negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, which hardly reached any results that bespoke of peace on the horizon.

Unknown to yours truly, the person sitting next to me at this conference was the chief a representative of the Trump transition team visiting Israel.

Th​e Trump representative left Israel with  full documentation of the latest Palestinian Authority schoolbooks and with factual refutation of US State Department reports, which had misled successive US administrations to believe the peaceful intentions of the Palestinian Authority and UNRWA.

​​Within a matter of weeks,th​e​ Trump rep to Israel  placed the PA curriculum on the desk of the new US President. As a result, the US President hinted that the Israeli government should now act against the incitement in PA schools.

The US government therefore d​id not object when​ Israel place​d​ the PA warlike intentions front and center on the face book page of the Israeli foreign ministry and the Israel Prime Minister’s office.

And the US government raised no objections when the Israeli government closed down an Arab school in Jerusalem, because it adopted the war education curriculum of the PA.

Meanwhile, Mr. Netanyahu, who now acts as the foreign minister and the prime minister, directed Israel Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotoveli to ​raise​​ the issue of PA to every diplomatic mission in Israel.

​​She has done so and will continue to do so, and with an invitation to address AIPAC with that message​, ​with the sanction of the new President of the United States​, who​ has ​removed 28 years of US constraints against denouncing the warlike policies that emanate from the PLO and their administrative arm, the Palestinian Authority.