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Daily Archives: April 21, 2017

Ignorance and amnesia – a deadly combination

As we move further away from the years of the Holocaust we find that more individuals, adults as well as youths, are bereft of any knowledge as to what happened during that dark period…writes...

Bedein lecture Will the PLO trample on Trump’s PLO policies?

David Bedein talks about why peace is hard to get.

Why is ​”​COGAT​”​going to bat for UNRWA?

Over the past several weeks, ​We have been following several stories regarding incitement in UNRWA’s school curriculum and UNRWA’s connection to Hamas. One of the few constants ​we run into that ​The ​Israel Civil...

Weekly Commentary: Deterred or Patient? Our Enemies Patiently Prepare To Attack

With every passing day Hamas and Hezbollah build up and improve their capacity to attack the Jewish State. We've become so jaded that we don't even talk about the ongoing series of "balance breaking" weapons systems they...