Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sponsorship Opportunities

Funds Needed to Continue Proactive News Investigations

  • Alerting decision makers of donor nations to UNRWA, that their aid supports terrorism and not civil causes.
  • Continued investigation and documentation of the Hamas – UNRWA collusion and takeover of UNRWA teachers unions, which educates 492,000 UNRWA children.
  • Presenting investigations to legislative bodies around the world and the general public.
  • Exposing educational materials that support terror acts against Israel and brainwash Palestinian children.
  • Promoting the UNRWA Reform Initiative for the sake of Israel, donor countries and the Palestinian people.

Israel Resource News Agency, working with the Center for Near East Policy Research Ltd, maintains offices at the Beit Agron International Press Center in Jerusalem, organizing briefings and research for media based in the Middle East.

Israel Resource News Agency & the Center for Near East Policy Research Ltd operate with private donations only.

In memory and legacy of Joan Peters, of blessed memory

Donors who wish to designate their contribution to the center to cover the costs of dedicating a film to the memory and legacy of Joan Peters, of blessed memory, should do so with the following link.

Here is how donors can provide support:

1. Sending Funds In Any Currency:

Center for Near East Policy Research, P.O. Box 71098 Jerusalem 91719
Israel Bank Transfer Information:
Israel Independence Fund Israel
Non Profit Registration No.513963033
Israel Bank Details:
Bank HaPoalim Branch 520
Acct. No. 151151

Earmarked: Center for Near East Policy Research

2. Forwarding a US tax deductible Donation to:

Middle East Research Ctr., Ltd. Suite 700 1300 Pennsylvania Ave, NW WASHINGTON, DC 20004 Earmarked: Center for Near East Policy Research Ltd.

3. Donations through Paypal or Credit Card:

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Thank you for considering this donation request. Contributions are U.S. tax deductible.