Despite its reputation, AIPAC is largely a consensus organization. It avoids anything controversial. Its goal is to be as middle of the road as possible. And a commitment to the UNRWA, despite its cover for terrorists, is unfortunately mainstream in some circles.

So this story from David Bedein doesn’t surprise me.

One of the foci of the Center for Near East Policy Research, CFNEPR, which I have directed since the retirement of Dr. Arnold Soloway in 2005, remains the issue of UNRWA, which we film and publish investigations for the media and for elected officials.

Our 29 year inquiry into UNRWA policy has directly led to the US government GAO full scale investigation into UNRWA ties with organizations designated by the US as terrorist organizations.

Since the US allocated $400 million to UNRWA – one third of the UNRWA budget – this is an American issue that would concern every member of AIPAC.

We held successive meetings with AIPAC staff in Jerusalem, yet never received an answer as to why the Center for Near East Policy Research would not be allowed to provide a briefing for AIPAC conference members at its conference.

We did get a call this week from a prominent  ​elder statesman of AIPAC, who was called in by the US State Department and told by State that UNRWA had reformed its school system and ​ that UNRWA now promotes peace and reconciliation.

Not much different from the Obama administration Line from exactly one year ago on the same subject:

Bedein has a new book out on the PA. And this kind of material implicitly challenges the myth that a Two-State Solution is possible which flies in the face of the AIPAC position.

Bedein’s provides voluminous research which documents how UNRWA camps have become breeding ground for terrorists and their school system calls students to join the armed struggle to realize the “right of return”.

Paletinian Arabs are quoted throughout the book as describing UNRWA’s assistance as “meaningless”, since it does not improve their day to day lives in the slightest, but rather holds out hope for the destruction of Israel at which time – and only then – UNRWA refugees would be allowed to return to their villages. It makes no effort to seek long-term solutions for descendants of refugees who have wallowed in the indignity of refugee life for nearly 70 years.

The Hamas terror organization’s takeover of UNRWA is well documented in this book, which explains how it used UNRWA schools and facilities to store and fire rockets at Israel.

It’s time for the pro-Israel community to look beyond the consensus and consider the consequences of complacency.


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