Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The “Kill and Run” Precedent of the New Israeli-Palestinian Accord

On January 14, 1997, at 12:00 noon, as the Israeli cabinet gathered in Jerusalem to begin its deliberations on the approval of the Oslo accords, something else occurred in Ramat Dania, a neighborhood that is only walking distance from the Israeli Knesset.

Spending Shabbat with the Homeless in Jerusalem

A few weeks ago, instead of having the usual assortment of guests around our table, my family and I chose to spend Shabbat with a special Jerusalem couple who serve the homeless and the hungry. For our family, this was a unique experience, rich with unforgettable details, while for the unfortunate people with whom we shared our meals, this was a way of life.

A Note on “Reciprocity” in Very Personal terms from an American-Israeli Mother

Our nation is now embroiled in a fierce and passionate debate about whether or not to unilaterally leave the Security Zone on the Lebanese Border. The issue has of course, taken on greater urgency,...

The Palestine Authority & the Death of a Prisoner

Last week , the Palestinian paramilitary police arrested three people charged with direct involvement in the death of Yousef Baba , 32, who died as a result of torture during interrogation in a Palestinian...

Background on Har Homa

The decision to develop Har Homa has caused a furor among Palestinian leaders, who charge that by unilaterally deciding to build in East Jerusalem the government is endangering the peace process. David Myr also...