Conference invitation: June 7, 2018

As the founder of the Scandanavian Forum for UNRWA Reform, and a member of the
Swedish Israel Friendship Association, in cooperation with leading members of the
Swedish Parliament, we extend a warm invitation to a conference on the subject:
“How to expose and defeat those who wish to demonize Israel”

The first session of the June 7th conference will take place at the Swedish Parliament at
12:00 Noon.

The second session of the June 7th conference will convene at 7PM at a Swedish
Jewish community Center.

We invite:

*MK Sharren Haskel, who will present the Knesset Lobby for UNRWA Reform,
*Dr. Arnon Groiss to present an examination of the latest PA/UNRWA school books
*David Bedein, to screen the newest film, produced by the Center for Near East Policy
Research, which portrays the role of UNRWA in the current unrest.

We have engaged a professional film studio in Stockholm, run by a veteran Jewish
activist, to “video stream” the conference to networks and parliaments of all four
Scandinavian nations, each of whom donate to UNRWA “education” without any
constraints. Enclosed please find the working paper by Dr. Arnon Groiss that we shall
consider for discussion at the June 7 conference.

Thank you for considering this invitation.

Sincerely Yours,

Sara Lönnström.
Scandanavian Forum for UNRWA Reform
Lövåsen 151, 71191 Lindesberg. Sweden
Swedish Israel Friendship Association Mälardalen/Örebro


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