He is known as the ‘Grandfather’ of Atzmona.

Mr. Zadok is 82 years old, a concentration camp survivor who fought the Nazis in the forest for 4years in World War II, is the ‘oldest’ Jewish refugee in Israel in 2005. Mr. Zadok was awarded a badge and medal by the Allies and another medal of honor by Israel for his valor in his battle against the Nazis. He arrived in Israel in 1947 and fought in all of its wars through 1967.

Mr. Zadok’s son was transferred at Yamit in 1982 and his grandson was evicted from Katif today by the Israel Eviction Forces (IEF) of the Sharon family. Tonight on national TV, we watched Mr. Zadok crying like a baby in front of the officer sent by the Sharon family to evict him from his pastoral home in Atzmona. His living room was filled with his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren sitting next to the war hero who fought the Nazis in the pre state of Israel.

As the officer sent by Sharon’s family of the IEF ordered the Zadoks to leave their home, Mr. Zadok took out a note to read on live TV asking if he fought the Nazis to be evicted by Jews from his home 62 years later in Israel? The TV cameras scanned the large family of the Zadoks as the patriarch cried and suddenly Mr. Zadok handed his medals of the heroism of his battle against the Nazis to the IEF officer who stood there and began to tear as he too listened to the story of Mr. Zadok of Atzmona.

The children, grandchildren, and the great grandchildren began to weep with their grandfather. The piercing sounds of the newest Zadok great grandchild born in Atzmona months ago provided the inability of the newsreporter to complete his ‘reporting.’ The cries of the Zadoks together with the ‘return’ of his medal of honor to the IEF officer of the Sharon family was too much to hear and see tonight.


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