Review: July 5 Premier performance at the Begin Center in Jerusalem

“Eyeless in Gaza”, focuses on the news coverage story of Israel-Hamas battle of 2014, providing a piercing assessment of western media’s portrayal of Israel.

Magid depicts the gap between that coverage and reality the on the ground.

With a compilation of interviews, footage and historical context,
this film shows the failure of journalists to adequately show the
provocation of violence caused by Hamas.

The rockets fired from highly populated areas within the Gaza strip into Israel was routinely ignored by the press and caused a one sided outlook around the world.

“Eyeless in Gaza” offers the under reported perspective of the press intimidation by Hamas and the resulting self-censorship of journalis

This film portrays an unsettling, yet accurate reveal of an erroneous situation that needs to be corrected.. is where the film can be perused.

David Bedein, also at the premier performance of “Eyeless in Gaza”, suggests that this film should be subtitled in Hebrew and screened at the Israeli Knesset Parliament, which has been looking into issues of skewed media coverage of Israel.

Bedein also suggests that press clubs around the world should welcome a screening of “Eyeless in Gaza”, and that reporters themselves should engage in soul searching about how to best cover future battles in the Middle East, without self-censorship.


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