A military training camp in the Gaza Strip has started an endeavor of training Palestinian youngsters under the title “How will we kill an Israeli?” Within these courses, the youngsters, who study at school and are recruited by Palestinian semi-military groups, learn the methods of attacking and killing Jews.

This military training camp that has been established with the cooperation and financial support of the Iranian regime, and specifically – the paramilitary personnel of the Revolutionary Guards’ army, provides courses for 14-year and up youngsters, so that they shoot at targets made similar to Israelis whom the trainers of this camp call “usurpers and terrorists”.

This project, that has been started since early May and following the latest clashes in the Gaza Strip, has so far included close to 180 Palestinians, a number of whom have joined that group from the West Bank. They pursue activities under the title of “anti-terrorism training” and in order to fight the government of Israel.

Within this course that is taught in a military camp, the Palestinian students are taught how they should fire at an Israeli soldier and, in case of confrontation, how to defend themselves or flee.

The trainers of this military camp not only teach them how to use weapons, but also teach them the methods of self defense.

It should be noted that, within these lessons, people dressed in Israeli soldiers’ uniform appear and the Palestinians should attack them while shouting “Allah is greatest!” This way, the trainers create a scenario in the market or elsewhere, and teach them how they would kill an Israeli soldier.

One of these Palestinian teachers, who lives in a village near that camp, has regarded these courses as a factor causing fear among Israelis and strengthening the power of the Palestinian resistance. He said: “These courses are meant to be a preparation, so that our youngsters will learn from young age how to confront an Israeli and fight for Palestine’s goals and for the liberation of Jerusalem, until the day comes, when we will be able to retrieve our homeland from the Zionists”.

It should be said that, in theses courses, the use of M-16 rifle, shooting at targets resembling Israeli soldiers, alongside some other skills, are taught even to elementary school children of 4 and 5 grades. On that, an informed source said, quoting the director of that camp: “None of the parents of these students has any objection to the children’s learning the use of firearms and firing and this program is fully executed”.

This informed source has also added that a group of Palestinian school principals in Gaza, in explanation of the theory that “Israel strives to Judaize the outside appearances and essence of the Palestinian and Arab monuments in order to normalize its own presence in the minds of the region’s people and in the view of the indigenous inhabitants of the Palestinian homeland”, they believe that, by allocating methods of Islamic education in order to contain its [i.e., Israel’s] policies within the minds of the Palestinian new generation and, also, by penetrating the educational system and encouraging them [the students] to learn the fighting methods, they [the school principals] would create an opposing rejection of the Israeli government’s educational system. Thus, within the framework of changing the contents of the schoolbooks in order to present whatever “facts and realities of Palestine” they [the students] would read, they [the principals] would train the children and the youngsters from tender age in the cause of their campaigns of confronting the Israeli educational system, as well as actual fighting against the Jews.

In this respect as well, a spokesperson for the Resistance Committees of the People of Palestine has acknowledged yesterday, July 1, 2018, while emphasizing the support by the Iranian regime of the Palestinian movements that fight against Israel: “all the world knows that Iran has always been the protector and supporter of the Palestinian people and resistance.”

According to the report by the Palestinian Information Center, Abu Mujahid has said in a memorandum on his personal page at Facebook: “The people of Palestine well knows who is the one that has carried out punitive actions against it [such as] the electricity shortage and besieging the Gaza Strip and who is the one that helps it.”

Abu Mujahid also emphasized that “We should not ignore anyone’s good deeds and support and we are obliged to appreciate and thank the government of Iran for that.”



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