An announcement of the Shabiba Movement of the Fatah, which calls for the voting for its list of students in the elections of the Open University of Jerusalem in Gaza. In the announcement appears the logo of the movement, including the map of entire Israel represented as “Palestine” and above it appears a rifle.
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 19/11/98]

An announcement of the Jenin Region Fatah. The announcement calls on the public to come and participate in the festival marking the 10th anniversary of the declaration of independence under the auspices of Yasser Arafat, president of the state of Palestine. In the announcement appears the logo of the movement, including the map of entire Israel represented as “Palestine”, and in the background are two hands holding guns. Above it is written: ‘Return, Jerusalem, the independence [they] are your keys to a real peace.’
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 19/11/98]

Headline: Announcement.
An announcement signed by the Palestinian Police Commandant, General Razi Jibali, which gives detail on the order for the collection of unlicensed arms in the Palestinian Authority areas.
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 19/11/98]

Jibali: The Collection of Unlicensed Weapons will Commence on the 6th of Next Month and will Include all the State Forces. General Razi Jibali announced yesterday the determination of the Palestinian security staff and forces to carry out the wide campaign in all counties of the homeland in order to collect all illegal and unlicensed weapons, starting from the 6th of next month, this in order to implement Law no. 2 which pertains to weapons, published by the Legislative Council.

From another viewpoint, Minister of Communications and Post, Imad Al-Faluji, emphasized that the National Authority sees positively the requests coming from the Hamas leaders to give licenses for weapons, while pointing out that the police granted weapons to Sheikh Ahmad Yassin’s escorts in order to protect him.
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 19/11/98]

Caricature: An Arab, wearing a Khafiyeh, standing and smiling and showing only 3 teeth. Next to him stands Uncle Sam smiling a satanic smile. His teeth appear as missiles.
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 19/11/98]

[The Department of] Education of Kalkiliya Organized a Party to Mark the Israa and the Mieraj. [Muhammad ascent to heaven]

The Governer of Kalkiliya spoke about the importance of the declaration of [Palestinian] independence and the confirmation of the dream and the right of the Palestinian people, realized by the establishment of a Palestinian state with its capital Jerusalem, while mentioning the Martyrs, recounting their merits and committing to them to continue the struggle in order to realize all the goals of the Palestinian people.

In Gaza, the Women’s Activities Committee of the Directorate for Public Activity Guidance held a religious speech to mark the Israa and the Mieraj and to mark the anniversary of the independence. The speaker was Colonel Saliman Abu Hemda, Vice Assistance to the Mufti and for Religious Guidance in the Gaza Strip at a women’s convention at the Headquarters of the Public Activity in Gaza. He stressed the role of Alaksa Mosque and of the blessed city of Jerusalem in the heavenly ascent of the messenger, and it’s importance and the certainty of its return to the Muslims.
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 19/11/98]

Letter from the Directorate for Political and National Guidance

The racial policy adopted by the Netanyahu government continues, especially on the level of refraining from carrying out signed agreements, and the delay and procrastination and time gaining, in order to swallow many Palestinian lands and to requisition them and to establish on them cancerous settlements.

Ten years have passed, during which our people and leaders have experienced the most terrible wars, while fighting on all fronts to take their rights from the oppressive occupation. The war of weapons is one of the most terrible wars that our people have experienced during our huge Palestinian revolution against the arrogant enemy who adopts delay and procrastination and the reversing of the facts. Despite all this, our people still adheres to its rights, and stands firm against the unjust and extreme stubbornness of the government of occupation under the leadership of Netanyahu.
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 19/11/98]

“Israel” wants full security at a rate of 100%, but in return for a 10th of that amount of land area. [Alkuds, 19/11/98]

The Samaritan Community: We did not request to stay under Israeli Rule

The Samaritan Community in Nablus denied the Israeli claims regarding their request to remain under Israeli rule and not to transfer to Palestinian rule some part of the in which the community lives.

It should be noted that the Samaritan community, who believes in the original Jewish Bible, resists the Israeli attempts to join her together with the Zionist project in Palestine. The Samaritans, who comprise the smallest religious community in the world, say that the real Judaism opposes the Israeli Zionism. Likewise, they consider themselves original Palestine residents since the ancient eras.
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 19/11/98]

Palestinian Television Broadcast Report – Nov. 19, 1998

1. Announcement from Razi Jibali, Chief of Palestinian Police, on the new law prohibiting illegal weapons – a prohibition on holding, importing, manufacturing and of the forging of serial marks on weapons.

[After the Israeli gov’t announced it would not withdraw the 2% if the PA did not issue an order prohibiting incitement the following statement was released:

2. Daily TV News
The Palestinian Authority published a presidential order prohibiting all types of incitement to violence and racial discrimination or the committing of unlawful actions. The order, whose number is 3, prohibited addressing any insult to the various religions or the use of violence and incitement against them, which may hurt relations with foreign or sister countries. In addition, the presidential order prohibited the establishment of illegal associations that will incite to criminal acts and loss of life and public incitement to illegal forceful change or incitement to civil war or the breaching of agreements which the PLO signed with foreign or sister countries. The presidential order determined the punishing of any man who commits anything of the prohibited acts, which are defined in the order, in accordance with the punishments determined in the order.

3. [Newscaster]: Regarding the worsening situation of the Israeli settlements on the occupied Palestinian lands, [Muhamad] Dahlan clarified that the Palestinian side will oppose the settlement cancer because it contradicts the items and the spirit of the agreements signed between the Palestinian and Israeli sides.

The occupying Israeli authorities, in clear opposition to the Wye Plantation Memos, took steps to requisition 10% of the West Bank lands for the establishment of new settlements and the expansion of existing ones. The Israeli radio pointed out that the purpose of these steps is a change of circumstance before the final redeployment Dr. Ahmad Tibi, Advisor to the president Arafat said that the approval of the new conquering steps are considered the biggest act of plunder this century, while warning that the Palestinians will not stand aside quietly against this theft, and will defend their land.


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