On December 26, 2017, The Center for Near East Policy Reserach with th the help of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, issued a comprehensive study of textbooks published in 2016-2017 by the Palestinian Authority for use in UNRWA schools.

That study, presenting the war curriculum of the PA and UNRWA can be perused at:

Full study of school books now used by UNRWA & the Palestinian Authority

Following publication of the PA/UNRWA war curriculum, we discerned identical memos from the US, Canada, Australia and Holland which assured their respective nations that PA school books issued for UNRWA in 2018 would be devoid of the indoctrination to violence that characterized PA text books in 2016-2017.

However, after reading and evaluating the new PA school books inserted into the UNRWA school system, they are much worse.

The hope is that the donor nations to UNRWA will hold​ UNRWA accountable.

Israel, Jews and Peace in the New PA Textbooks Used in UNRWA Schools Today – Final Study


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