Born in Chicago Illinois served as councilor in Bnei Akiva Youth Organization
Following graduation from High School entered year study/work program for young leadership from Bnei Akiva in Israel
Following the year program- volunteered in IDF in a combat unit
After completion of IDF married and continued studies in art, graphics and communications
Worked in ceramics and art and served as a volunteer teacher in community of Bet Horon
Working since 1993 with the IDF, Ministry of Defense, MDA, Civil Command, officers and emergency medical officers & emergency medical officers volunteer as emergency medic

Married to Ami, with four children and four grandchildren

April 1, 2012

Sniper fire directed from Gaza on work along the security fence in agricultural fields of Kibbutz Nir Oz

Anarchists and Arabs march near Bet Romano and try to reach Bet Hamachpela (Cave of the Patriarchs) in Hebron
Following violent disturbances IDF arrested 4 of the rioters

April 2, 2012

Jerusalem – near the Street of the Prophets – a 70 year old Jewish man attacked and moderately injured by Arab terrorist with axe

DF Security forces release information that a few weeks ago Arab terrorists were arrested for shooting at IDF patrol in the Ramallah region. The arrested terrorists work with the Red Crescent and received weapons from PA security officer in order to perpetrate the attack

Road 443 near Bet Horon rock attack against Israeli bus causing moderate injuries to two young Israeli girls

April 3, 2012

Illegal unarmed Arab infiltrators arrested by IDF security near Kibbutz Alumim near the Israeli-Gaza border
IDF tank directs fire on Arab terrorist near security fence of Kfar Aza near Israeli-Gaza border

April 4, 2012

Rock attacks on Israeli vehicles in the following region
Near IDF post southeast of Ramallah
From school in Lubin A-Shrakiya northwest of Ramallah near Shilo causing damage to one of the vehicles
At entrance of Betar Illit causing damage to vehicles
South of Shechem in Chawara at Betit Junction damage caused to vehicles

April 5, 2012

Explosions heard in Eilat. Following security checks 2 rockets found fired from Sinai into Eilat
Near Alumot Hill in Itamar about a hundred Arabs rioted and threw rocks injuring 3 Israelis including the security coordinator of the community

April 6, 2012

Rock attacks against Israeli vehicles near Chawara south of Shechem. 1 Jewish woman moderately injured from rocks thrown from passing Arab car
Road 55 near Nebe Elias – Israeli moderately injured in head from glass fragments after rock attacks

April 7, 2012

Rock attack on Israeli vehicles near Betar Illit cause moderate injury to Israeli
Submachine guns and 500 bullets found by IDF in Arab vehicle at security check-post south of Tul Karem. The Arab driver was arrested

April 8, 2012

Rock attacks in several sections of the Jewish Quarter of Hebron
Molotov cocktails thrown at Bet Hadassah in Hebron
Rock attacks on Jewish bus in southern Hebron Hills near El Fuar causing damage to vehicles
Rockets launched from Gaza to south of Israel landed in open field in one of the Jewish communities near Israel-Gaza border
Rock attack on Road 443 causing moderate injury to Israeli

April 30, 2012

Massive rock attacks against Israeli vehicles causing damage to them south of Shechem in Chawara
Rocket attack from Gaza landed in south of Israel in open field
Attempted car theft near Eli in the Bejamin Region. Female driver succeeded in escaping after she noted that the IDF also spotted the car that tried to force her to stop in order to steal her vehicle

May 1, 2012

Gush Etzion-Hebron Highway near El Arub massive rock attacks against Israeli vehicles

May 2, 2012

Border Police and special- forces arrested a young 25 year old Arab in A’Ram near Jerusalem suspected of being involved in several attempted car thefts on Chizma-Anatot Highway

Rocket attack from Gaza landed near Kibbutz Erez

Damage caused to Israeli vehicles on Gush Etzion-Hebron Highway after hours of massive attacks with rocks by Arab terrorists

Betunia checkpost near Ramallah – Arab terrorists attacked IDF soldiers with rocks injuring several: 1 in his back, 1 in his hand and 2 more soldiers moderately injured while giving chase to terrorists

Chizma Anatot Highway – Arab terrorists attack Israeli vehicles with rocks causing damage

May 3, 2012

Massive rock attacks near El Arub and Bet Umar on Gush Etzion-Hebron Highway

May 4, 2012

Alon Moreh in the Shomron: IDF patrol apprehended young 17 year old Arab, resident of Dir El Chativ village on the security road near the community armed with 14 CM knife
Israeli vehicles attacked by Arab terrorists with massive rocks thrown causing damage near Chalchul and Bet Umar on the Gush Etzion-Hebron Highway.
moderately injured from glass fragments due to the attacks

Kalandia checkpost – Molotov cocktails thrown at border Police

May 5, 2012

Illegal unarmed Arab infiltrator from Gaza was discovered and arrested by IDF forces near Kerem Shalom

During Shabbat – attacks by Arab terrorists with rocks and rods near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron

Abu Dis in the Jerusalem region – 3 Molotov cocktails thrown at Border Police

Betunia Checkpost near Ramallah – massive rock attacks on the Border Police at the chekcpost

May 6, 2012

Hebron: Young Israeli boy around 10 years old assaulted by Arab woman who beat and injured him moderately in his face. Woman terrorist caught and arrested by Israeli police

Massive Rock attacks by Arab terrorists against Israeli vehicles in the following regions
North of Ophra in Benjamin Region
Chalchul on Gush Etzion-Hebron Highway
Between Hizma and Adam in the Benjamin Region
On Gush Etzion-Hebron Highway near El Arub
between Har Gilo and the Tunnel Road – Molotov cocktails thrown on Border Police patrol

Tapuach Junction in the Shomron – young Arab terrorist arrested by IDF after the security forces caught him carrying a suspicious bag. Inside the bag were 3 homemade explosive devices which were neutralized by the Border Police Bomb squad
May 7, 2012

Special unit of undercover Border Police arrested Arab terrorist in Kalkilia who was involved in theft of Israeli vehicles on Road 55 near Nebe Elias

North of Shechem in Tamun – Arab terrorist arrested in his home – 5 pipe bombs were found

Gush Etzion-Hebron Highway – violent disturbances by Arabs near El Arub with massive rock attacks on IDF

Road 446 north of Nili in the Benjamin Region – Arab terrorists put blocks on road causing damage to Israeli vehicle which hit the obstruction

Arab terrorists threw rocks on Israeli vehicle north of Na’alim checkpost causing damage

Arab terrorists start fire between Har Bracha and Kedumim in the Shomron – fire fighters put out the flames

Hundreds of Arab terrorists with Hamas flags march inside of Hebron towards the Jewish Quarter

Kalandia checkpost – Arab terrorist found hiding firearm on his possession. Arrested and taken in for questioning by security forces

Rock attacks on Israeli vehicles between Tapuach and Migdalim in the Shomron causing damage

May 8, 2012

Massive rock attacks on Israeli vehicles on the road between Efrat and Tekoa cause damage

Rock attacks against Israeli vehicles on Gush Etzion-Hebron Highway near El Arub cause damage to vehicles

Near Bet Umar on the Gush Etzion-Hebron Highway IDF soldier moderately injured by rocks. He was treated by IDF medic on the spot

Over 50 Arab terrorists in Abu Dis north east of Bet Lechem attack IDF forces with rocks and Molotov Cocktails

Massive rock attacks and damage to several Israeli vehicles on the Cross Judea Highway near the bridge of Halchul and near Bene Naim village in the Kiryat Arba region

Massive rock attacks against Israeli bus in El Fuar in the Southern Hebron Hills
Rock attacks against Israeli vehicles near Bet Enun north of Kiryat Arba over several hours cause damage to Israeli vehicles with moderate injuries to 2 Israelis

Bet Enun – planned ambush by Arab terrorists with vehicles waiting to escape into the village following attacks on Israeli vehicles. Following the attacks the waiting vehicles escaped into the village after IDF arrived. 7 Israeli vehicles were damaged in the attack

Arab terrorists attacked IDF force near Neguhot in the southern Hebron Hills with rock attacks against Israeli vehicles near El Fuar

May 9, 2012

Arab terrorists throw rocks from moving vehicle at Israeli taxi north of Ofra in the Benjamin Region

Special unit of Border Police arrested 2 Arab terrorists during the night in Shechem. During the operation 3 explosive devices were thrown at the unit

Rocks thrown on Israeli vehicles near Tekoa

Following extensive IDF investigation it is verified that on May 8 between Senjal and Ma’aleh Levona in the Benjamin Region shots were fired at Israeli vehicle

Rocket fired from Gaza fallout landed near the hothouses of Kibbutz Saad

May 10, 2012

IDF spokesman reports that south-east of Kalkilia 6 molotov cocktails were thrown at Israeli vehicles near A-Zavia

Tapuach Junction – 2 Arab terrorists were apprehended and taken into custody after they were discovered to be armed with Molotov cocktails, a knife and explosive devices. The explosive devices were neutralized by the Border Police Bomb Squad

May 11, 2012

IDF soldier injured moderately in his back from cuts as a result of glass bottle thrown at him by Arab terrorist in Ba’alin. He was taken to hospital for treatment

East of Shechem – Arab terrorists throw rocks at Israelis

Molotov cocktails thrown by Arab terrorists on Israeli vehicles between Neguhot and Adorayim in the southern Hebron Hills

Border policeman moderately injured in his hand from rocks thrown by Arab terrorists in Kalandia. Evacuated to Hospital for treatment

Rocket from Gaza landed north of Carmia in the vicinity of south Ashkelon

Rock attacks on Gush Etzion-Hebron Highway near El Arub causing damage to Israeli vehicles

Hebron – Arab terrorists throw rocks at Bet Hadassah, Hebron and at IDF soldiers

Rock attacks by Arab terrorists at Mivtari

May 12, 2012

Arab terrorists light fire on Hill 18 near Kiryat Arba. Hebron and Kiryat Arba firefighters controlled the fire

May 13, 2012

Abu Sneina neighborhood in Hevron – rock attack against IDF patrol. The terrorists were caught by IDF and transferred to the PA

Rock attack on Israeli vehicles near T Junction between Tekoa and Efrat

IDF patrol attacked with rocks by Arab terrorists near Neguhot in Southern Hebron Hills

Arab terrorists throw Molotov cocktails at Israeli vehicle near Peduel Junction

Molotov cocktails thrown on Israeli vehicle
South-east of Kalandia near A’Zaviya

May 14, 2012

Rock attack against Israeli vehicle Benjamin Region. When IDF arrived on the scene they were attacked by Molotov cocktail


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