Presentation by David Bedein, May 2014, in Washington and London

Ten Talking Points;

1. This week, the Israeli government made history, when Israeli ambassador to the UN Ron Proser – addressed a symposium at the UN that dealt with UNRWA policies. Proser declared that the UNRWA’s policy of maintaining Arab refugees and their descendants in a situation of perpetual refugee status represented a threat to peace in the middle east. After many years of fence sitting, the government of Israel took a clear stand against UNRWA education.

2, From our agency’s examination of the 150 new school books that have been introduced into the UNRWA school system,

We can discern a systematic war education curriculum that operates on the following principles:

a. The Right of return by force of arms

b. A Commitment to a Jihad to liberate all of Palestine

c Dedication to the act of homicidal Martyrdom

d. Denial of.the legitimacy of the state of Israel and demonization of.Israel

3. UNRWA education is not financed by the UN nor by Arab countries. UNRWA education is fully bankrolled by western nations.

4. Western donor nations could condition aid to UNRWA on the cancellation of a curriculum which defies UN principles of peace advocacy and which fly in the face of the UNRWA slogan, that “peace begins here”. Some funding for UNRWA education comes in hard US currency, in cash, at the demand of UNRWA, which makes accountability somewhat impossible.

5. Request of US AID to examine UNRWA education has been ignored:

a In 2010, “US AID does not look at the curriculum”

b. In 2013, no response rec’d

6. One entity that examined the new PA/UNRWA texts was the Vatican, whose Sept 2000 report asserted that the new PA/UNRWA texts are manuals of war- a conclusion which caused Italy t to withdraw funds from PA education.

7. UNRWA policies contrast with UNHCR policies, which encourage refugees to get on with their lives.

8. UNHCR is handling the refugees who have fled from UNRWA camps in Syria- UNHCR is making a noble effort to locate nations that will be ready to absorb these 140,000 refugees who now wallow in a large makeshift facility in Jordan.. It is important to emphasize that these new refugees are not being taught by UNHCR the inherent right of return to Palestine. The model of Chile is being examined, as a nation which adopted legislation which affirms citizenship and benefits on any client of UNRWA who emigrates to Chile.,4

9. The time has come to Introduce legislators of donor nations to adopt an “UNRWA Reform Initiative”:

a. Not to use texts or teachers that encourage children to engage in acts of war.

b. Stop support for designated foreign terrorist entities such as Hamas. Legislation already on the books could serve to enforce the clause which forbids US/EU funds to an entity that absorbed Hamas into its midst.

c. Desist from promoting the “right of return” by force of arms.

d. Adopt internationally accepted UNHCR definitions of refugee status, and not to bequeath refugee status on descendants of refugees from 65 years ago.

10. Two Practical suggestions:

a. Sponsor new films of UNRWA facilities which speak for themselves, In an era of you tubes, there are enough UNRWA facilities which proudly film themselves when they glorify Jihad and homicidal attacks

b. Sponsor open lectures for policy makers and opinion makers with Arabic language experts who will discuss the UNRWA indoctrination which masks as “education”.​


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