Monthly Archives: January 2008

Israel Releases Lebanon War Report

Jerusalem - The Bulletin Middle East Bureau has received the 500-page Second Lebanon War Investigation Commission Report, which was written by a team of lawyers chaired by retired Israeli Judge Eliahu Winograd. In the 10-page...

Hamas To Egypt: We’ll Give You Back Control If You Open Rafah Crossing

It's been a week since the Philadelphi Road fence between Gaza and Egypt collapsed.

Israel Braces For Major Hamas Strike

Jerusalem - The Middle East NewsLine confirms that Israel has been preparing for a major Hamas strike to avenge the death of scores of senior operatives. Officials said Hamas' military has been planning an attack...

JVP Spokesperson: Gazan Arabs Live Under Occupation

The Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) drew together a small coalition of groups that marched on the Israeli consulate on Saturday.

Egypt Plans Nuke Reactor Tender

Montreal-based Middle East NewsLine has confirmed that Egypt has launched a tender for its first nuclear reactor.

Pa. Senator Arlen Specter’s 17th Visit To Syria Again Produces Nothing

Sen. Arlen Specter has fallen into a trap that makes him look silly and damages U.S. interests as well as the cause of peace and democracy in the Middle East. Mr. Specter may have been...

Bolton Tells Israel To Remain Secretive

Herzlia, Israel - "It must be clear to Israel that the chances of an American operation against Iran in the last year of George W. Bush's term in the White House are nil," John...

Israeli Ministry: This Is How Hamas Shut Off The Lights

Israeli Foreign Ministry officials continued to explain on Monday that Hamas was responsible for the blackout in the Gaza Strip

Gaza Power Outage Thought To Be A Hamas Charade

Israeli Security officials refuse to take seriously any of the reports of power outages in the Gaza Strip, saying it was a deliberate provocation of the Hamas government.

Insight into the “Humanitarian Crisis” in Gaza

The situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate. Israel has given guarantees that there will be no humanitarian crisis: that sufficient supplies to prevent this will be allowed through crossings. This doesn't mean there will be...