About Israel Behind the News

Israel Behind the News maintains offices at the Beit Agron International Press Center in Jerusalem, organizing briefings and research for media based in the Middle East.

About Israel Behind the News (IBN)

Israel Behind the News has one purpose: to report Israel’s reality to the media by retaining the services of the best Israeli and Arab journalists to cover, research and investigate the events of the day.

Since its inception in 1987, Israel Behind the News has covered every aspect of peace negotiations, providing hands-on coverage for the press from Jerusalem, Ramallah, Gaza, Gush Etzion, Hebron, Oslo, Bonn, Brussels, the Wye Plantation, Shepherdstown, Washington, Ottawa, Toronto and Vienna.

Israel Behind the News conducts its news investigations with commissions from bona fide news organizations and foundation grants.

All fees and funds are transmitted to Israel Behind the News through the Internet Development Fund.

Checks can be sent to this address:
1829 Corte Galeana
Chula Vista, California, 91911, USA


David Bedein
Bureau Chief