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Barak To Hezbollah, Syria: Don’t Test Us

Jerusalem - "I propose to Syria and Hezbollah not to try us. Israel is still the strongest country within a 1,500-kilometer radius of Jerusalem," Defense Minister Ehud Barak said to U.S. Secretary of State...

IDF Believes Hamas Will Gain West Bank After Final Status Arrangement

A final status arrangement between Israel and the Palestinians will result in Hamas rising to power by democratic means in Judea and Samaria as well.

Incisive Commentary from Jerusalem

Posting: March 24, 2008 "Fatah and Hamas" Well, here we are in the midst of an ever-changing scenario that has yet to play itself out. Officially, neither the US nor Israel has comment on the agreement signed...

Siren Alert Returns To Rocket-Weary Sderot

Kassam rocket barrages returned to pound Sderot with full force. No less than 30 rockets were fired on Wednesday and Thursday at the city and at the Gaza periphery communities.

Abbas Accepts Hamas-Fatah Agreement

Jerusalem - The Palestinian news agency Maan has published a report based on sources in Fatah, stating that Fatah chairman and Palestinian Authority (PA) president Mahmoud Abbas has announced his full acceptance of the...

Officials: Hezbollah Smuggles Drugs Into Israel

An Israeli non-commissioned officer (NCO) is suspected of having passed on information to Hezbollah as part of a drug deal.

He Said He Wanted to Study: Avraham David Moses, 16, Murdered 18 Days Ago

It's been 18 days since an Arab terrorist from Jerusalem sprayed more than 500 bullets into the library of Jerusalem's finest yeshiva and mowed down eight young men while they were learning Talmud at...

Hamas-Fatah Accord Fails To Stir Israelis

Israeli government assert that the formation of a new Hamas-Fatah government in the Palestinian Authority will immediately put an end to peace negotiations with Israel

Israel On Guard As Mourning For Mughniyeh Ends

The Purim holiday coincides this year with the end of the 40-day Islamic mourning period for Imad Mughniyeh, the Hezbollah commander who was assassinated in Damascus last month.

Senator McCain in Sderot

Senator John McCain arrived in the Israeli city of Sderot on Wednesday. Visiting an Israeli city that has suffered more than 900 missile attacks from Gaza since the first of the year, and flanked...