Movie review; Damascus cover at Netflix

The film, "Damascus Cover" represents a unique venture into the world of Middle East cinema reality, Set as a spy thriller in Syria, with an Israeli agent on a mission for the Mossad. you cannot...

New Movie, shot on location in Gaza – “The UNRWA child soldier”

In August, 2021, The Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research dispatched a TV crew to Gaza to cover military summer camps for UNRWA students, age 10--17: "THE UNRWA CHILD SOLDIER" German Version https://vimeo.com/589380205 Hebrew Version   https://vimeo.com/586348770   English version https://vimeo.com/589381818

American students in Israel, 1971 film now available

In 1971, at the end of my first year in Israel. fellow American students at Hebrew University (1970-71) produced Milk and Honey Experience (34 min, 1971). In the words of Bob Tabak, also at Hebrw U that year: The young...