On August 15, 2005, the date set for the expulsion of Jews from the Katif District of Gaza, the Government of Israel will be closing down the only medical clinic in Katif:

Doctors, nurses and medical supplies will no longer be available.

The Prime Ministers Office has already informed the media that they will be shutting down:

  1. Water supply;
  2. Electricity;
  3. Land and cellular telephones
  4. Computer access.

In short, a total shutdown of every basic humanitarian and communication facilities.

The City Council of Gush Katif has informed its citizens to stockpile water (whereby it should be noted that with no refrigerators functioning with an average temperature of about 37 the water can only be kept for about two days), diapers, baby formula, canned goods and candles.

There has been an influx of about 10.000 “ guests”, including babies, into Gush Katif, who have joined the 9.500 local residents in their continuing battle against the destruction of Gush Katif and the creation of a terrorist state next to Israel.

A humanitarian disaster is about to happen if the government of Israel does not reconsider this fateful decision.

The state of Israel has always been the first ­ and rightly so ­ to send aid after an international disaster. Now the people of Gush Katif are calling upon the international community to come to their rescue.

We will need:

  1. doctors and nurses;
  2. medical supplies;
  3. bottled water;
  4. generators;
  5. food supplies;
  6. baby formula and diapers.

We cannot appeal to the Supreme Court of Israel as they have declared that the expulsion of Jews from Gaza and 4 settlements in Samaria is in breach with the civil rights of its residents but acceptable in view of the fact that the disengagement is legal.

We think that the man made disaster created by the government of Israel by causing humanitarian suffering on a part of its population is in breach with the fundamental rights of international law.

We have instructed lawyers to study the possibility of bringing with the highest urgency possible a case against the State of Israel before the International Court of Justice or any other appropriate forum to have the State of Israel provide its own population with the necessary humanitarian help, or at least allow others to let this aid get through to the Jews of Gaza.

Individuals and organizations in and outside Israel who want to join us in this humanitarian cause with financial or other help can let us know.