Monthly Archives: May 2007

Sderot Missile Victims Will Sue Palestinians

Over the past seven years, eight people, most of them residents of Sderot, have been killed by the Gaza missiles. On Sunday, the families had a meeting organized by Alon Davidi, head of the "Sderot Security Advocacy Council." Their lawyers explained the expected legal procedure to the families.

Missiles From Gaza Keep Hitting Israel

The Israel Defense Forces Southern Command is pressing the Israeli government for a major ground operation into Gaza. Israel Defense Forces Southern Commander Yaakov Galant has adamantly asserted that the Hamas army must be weakened immediately or it will become as strong as Hezbollah.

Morocco Renews Ties With Israel

The representative, Serge Bardugo, who served in the past as the Moroccan tourism minister, has already made a number of secret trips to Jerusalem in the past number of months, in the course of which he met with members of the Israeli Knesset and other political officials.

Russian Jews rally to bring Sderot youth to area camps

Two local summer camps have each pledged to provide 10 spots for children from the embattled Israeli city of Sderot, prompting a massive fundraising campaign from within Boston's Russian-Jewish community. In response to an appeal...

“Benchmark” Dangers

I would like to focus on a recent Post column by Evelyn Gordon, entitled, "Benchmarks for a bloodbath," because I consider it so important. Gordon says: "US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is not purposely...

When PR firms replace Israel’s democratic process

Since the genesis of the Oslo process in 1993, successive governments of Israel, under a binding legal and moral obligation to demand a cessation of virulent anti-Semitic incitement as the condition for negotiation and...

Human Rights Group Monitors Israeli Indiscretions

If you are a reporter in Jerusalem who covers the sensitive matter of Palestinian human rights, a logical starting point would be Bitselem* - founded as a private Israeli human rights organization in February 1989 with one stated purpose: To monitor human rights in areas acquired by Israel after the nation was attacked by Jordan during the 1967 war.

Despite Cease-Fire, Gaza Rockets Continue To Rain

Since the 26th of November last year, the day of the "cease-fire," the number of missiles fired from Gaza toward Sderot and the Western Negev has reached 270. A plan of action was presented by the Israeli Army on Monday to the Israeli government cabinet which discussed engaging hostile forces that have been attacking Israel from Gaza.

Syria Prepares For Possible Confrontation With Israel

The General Staff in Damascus has decided to shorten its annual training program in order to prepare for what Syria perceives as the threat inherent in the Israel Defense Force's (IDF) readiness for a confrontation.

Hezbollah Leader Says Group’s Back

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Kassem declared on Saturday that his terror group is back to full strength.