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Israel At War With the New York TImes

The days of quiet diplomacy between the government of Israel and the New York Times are over. Israel has declared an uprecedented war against the New York Times, for what it calls tendentious and unfair...


About The Author

Dr. Alex Grobman is a Hebrew University trained historian. His is the author of a number of books, including Nations United: How The U.N. Undermines Israel and The West, Denying History: Who Says The Holocaust Never Happened and Why Do They Say It? and a forthcoming book on Israel's moral and legal right to exist as a Jewish State.

Sderot Residents Fed Up with Judge Goldstone as Gaza Rocket Fire Continues

Sderot and western Negev residents experienced another week of sporadic rocket fire from northern Gaza as the General Assembly of the United Nations began its debate on the Goldstone probe into alleged Israeli war...

GOLDSTONE DEBATES GOLD: The Great Debate – A first hand account

For over ten minutes out of a total of twenty, Richard Goldstone explained that Israel had a right to defend itself, that Hamas had committed war crimes and that he sympathized with the sufferings of...