Yoni Ben Menachem: Baradei is “donkey of revolution” for Moslem Brotherhood

Live interview on Israel Radio – Morning News Magazine 1 February 2011
For recording: http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=9FH464YeGk4

Translation of excerpt:

Anchor: It all started with a revolt over the harsh conditions in Egypt. The
hard life. The prices. The lack of food and things like that. The

Those forces are weaker? They will be vanquished by the Moslem Brotherhood?

Yoni Ben Menachem, Israel Radio Commentator on Arab Affairs: Certainly. The
Moslem Brotherhood hasn’t even started to use their resources. They are
operating in a systematic and sophisticated way. They have yet to use their
huge magnet on the masses – namely the religion of Islam. For example, the
preachers in the mosques on Fridays have yet to openly call on the public to
support the movement.

You should also look at their use of Baradei.

They are willing that for the time being Baradei is the one carrying out
negotiations with vice president Omar Suleiman on behalf of the opposition.
In Arabic it is simply called “Hamir al Thawra”, “the donkeys of the

They use people as personalities in the intermediate stages of the
revolution and later they will throw him onto the garbage heap of history.
This is being said on the Egyptian street. Baradei is simply be used. And
the world stands and watches and says “oh, ok, maybe here there will be a
leader who won a Nobel Peace Prize and maybe he will lead Egypt.”

This is not their real intention. At the end this will lead to the rise to
power of the Moslem Brotherhood.

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