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The Mennonite-Iranian Connection

http://www.winnipegjewishreview.com/article_detail.cfm?id=1309&sec=1 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg Sayah Hassan David Matas Seven Iranian Muslin clerics met at Canadian Mennonite University in Tuxedo in June, for three day of close-door discussions with seven Mennonite theologians from Canada and the United...

TV interview: Downplay of Palestinian Reality at AIPAC

TV Interview with David Bedein at the AIPAC conference, 2011 scroll to 17:06 http://blip.tv/shalomtv/mark- aipac-convos-qt-5299242

Audio: Responding to UNRWA attacks on Israel and Exposing the UNRWA Human Rights Curriculum...

Responding to UNRWA attack on Israelhttp://www.israelnationalnews. com/Radio/News.aspx/3202 Exposing the UNRWA Human Rights Curriculum as a Farcehttp://www.israelnationalnews. com/Radio/News.aspx/3226 Behind The Scene With David Bedein Archive http://www.israelnationalnews. com/Radio/Author.aspx/4286 Archive.org http://www.archive.org/ details/ BehindTheSceneWithDavidBedein ===============