Dear ZF activist,

We’d like to highlight a future event you might be interested in.

On Thursday March 13th, MP Bob Blackman will host a conference on “The UNWRA Reform Initiative” at the House of Commons. The event will include:

  • Screening of the film ‘Camp Jihad’ about the UNRWA summer camp season, produced by Center for Near East Policy Research Director David Bedein.
  • Briefing with Dr. Arnon Groiss, who has translated the new textbooks used by UNRWA, who will address the incendiary nature of UNRWA education.
  • Discussion with Lt. Col (res) Yonatan HaLevi, who will present documentation of terrorist group takeover of UNRWA schools & facilities in Gaza.

The event will take place between 2-4pm in Committee Room 14.

Please RSVP by emailing .

UNRWA is the United Nations body that is responsible for maintaining the permanent status of displaced Palestinians and their descendants as refugees, the controversial policy that has enabled the Arab world to use the ‘right of return’ as an existential threat against Israel. The British government is now re-assessing its funding for UNRWA in light of the role it plays in harming the peace process, as reported in The Jerusalem Post.


Chris Lawes
Campaigns Officer
Zionist Federation