With the flow of cash to the Islamic Republic following the Iranian nuclear agreement, Iranian sleeper cells can be activated to wage terror attacks against the Jewish Diaspora like Iran did in the early 1990’s in Argentina and to the greater internationally community like they attempted to do against New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport more recently. According to the late Alberto Nisman, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has infiltrated large regions of Latin America.”

“Everyone is talking about what is right and wrong about the nuclear issue and its affect upon Israel,” David Bedein, the director of the Center for Near East Policy, told JerusalemOnline in an exclusive interview. “No one is talking about how this deal on the table is a threat to all Jews according to what the Argentinian Government’s prosecutor Alberto Nisman found out from his objective research.”

Alberto Nisman had investigated two terror attacks in Argentine that targeted Jews and Israelis. The AMIA bombing in 1994 resulted in the massacre of 85 people and the wounding of hundreds more. It was the deadliest terror attack in Argentina’s history. Two years prior to that, the Israeli Embassy in Argentina was attacked by a suicide bomber, resulting in the slaughter of 29 people and the wounding of 242 others. Iran is behind both of these terror attacks.
Furthermore, Nisman found that Iran has active terror cells across Latin America and that one of these cells was involved in an attempted terror attack targeting New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport. He noted that Iran utilizes the local Muslim community as a cover and finds recruits among them in order to achieve their terrorist objectives. The locals are sent to Iran to be educated to support radical Islamist thought so that they can be utilized by Iran to wage terror attacks in the future.

“For the first time in Argentine and world judicial history, it has been gathered and substantiated in a judicial file evidence proving the steps taken by the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran to infiltrate for decades large regions of Latin America through the establishment of clandestine intelligence stations and operative agents which are used to execute terrorist attacks when the Iranian regime decides so, both directly and through its proxy Hezbollah,” the summary of Nisman’s report reads. “These actions have been taking place within the so-called export of the revolution, which was never masked by Tehran and is in fact written in their constitution.”

According to Nisman’s report, the Islamic Republic of Iran held an important seminar in 1982, which has been described as “a turning point on the regime’s method to export the revolution, understood as the cultural, political and religious infiltration promoted to expand a radical and violent vision of Islam. In the seminar, it was concluded that the regime would use violence and terrorism to reach its expansionist efforts.” From that moment forward, Iran started to use its diplomatic offices, charities and even mosques for duel purposes; they would serve their civilian functions but they would also be used by Iran as a base to wage terrorist activities across the globe and to provide legitimate cover for funds used to support terrorism.

Bedein noted that the reliability of Nisman’s report is undisputable: “This guy had access to every open and clandestine data at his disposal from around the world. There are a dozen countries where Iran has intelligence operations which if they are funded, if they have huge bucks, they will be able to use that exactly like they did in Argentina 21 years ago. The murder of Nisman because he warned others is the warning. His murder case was closed and there will no official inquiry, nor judgement or trial against the ones who blew up the Israeli Embassy and the AMIA Center. People are not paying attention to the conventional threat of this accord, which is their ability to operate killer squads everywhere in the world with impunity without any fear that they will have to pay for it.”

“I want to know why the Israeli government and AIPAC are not paying more attention to this issue and promoting the conventional threat more,” Bedein stressed. “It was a mistake to call it the nuclear accord. It is the Iranian Empowerment Accord. Our staff this summer filmed the children in Gaza operating under Iranian military training and we will see more of it in the future. The people who are dealing with the Iranian issue should be inviting the family, friends and colleagues of Nisman to speak about what happened twenty one years ago and how it poses a threat to us today in order to highlight his current research which is not on any news website in the world.” JerusalemOnline was the first to do so.

According to Bedein, writing about the Iranian issue without mentioning Nisman’s report is like speaking about Nazi Germany without citing from Mein Kampf: “How can you write about the Iranian threat without mentioning the man who is behind this report? You cannot mention the Iranian threat without mentioning the man who worked for a Western non-Jewish country with objective sources at his disposal that show what everyone needs to know about the current Iranian threat. It is not only the nuclear threat. What about everything else?”

“What would happen if they give up their nuclear threat,” Bedein pondered. “Just give us $150 billion to finance terror organizations. Three weeks ago, when I was in DC when I presented to the congressional staffers on the Hamas summer camps at a hotel before I went to the US Congress, Congressman Peter Hines defended the Iranian accord: ‘They will not receive $150 billion dollars because they have debts of $100 billion. Therefore, they will only have $50 billion at the disposal.’ An NBC report asked him: ‘Don’t you realize that they can use that money to finance groups like Hamas and Hezbollah?’ Hines replied: ‘We had to pay them, didn’t we?’ This attitude from a US Congressman supporting the accord that so what that they will have $50 billion is the problem and that is what people should be discussing today on all sides of the political spectrum.”

The World Jewish Congress has criticized Argentina for signing a memorandum of understanding with Iran in 2013, which essentially gave the Iranians the permission to investigate the AMIA and Israeli Embassy bombings themselves: “That deal with a big mistake. Everybody knows that you can’t put the fox in charge of the henhouse and you can’t appoint the person accused of masterminding a crime to judge. This memorandum suggests that somehow Iran is interested and ready to cooperate in an investigation. Of course they aren’t. All they are interested in is an official whitewash from Argentina. It is of critical importance that all of us continue to speak out and to insist that justice will be done. We owe it to the 85 people who died in this massacre and to the many who were injured. The world is watching Argentina. Those responsible must be brought to justice.”

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