Israel Television Channel Two News reported this evening that Israel may
effectively impose a permanent settlement freeze in response to explicit
threats from the Obama Administration that it will not veto U.N. Security
Council resolutions declaring the settlements illegal should Israel fail to
continue the settlement freeze that Israel honored during the Iran deal

This marks the first open-ended building freeze since it is not related to
specific events (negotiations, meetings, etc.) but instead to what amounts
to a potentially permanent threat given that the Obama Administration could
very likely be followed by a likeminded administration.

Should Israel in fact decide to adopt a permanent building freeze in
response to the American threat, this development could cause a broad
international crisis for the United States as it establishes that America
not only condones but is in fact directly responsible for any and every
Israeli action and policy.

After all, if an American threat not to veto UNSC resolutions can cause
Israel to permanently freeze settlement construction an American threat not
to veto UNSC resolutions against Israel for basically anything and
everything could blackmail Israel into not doing anything and everything.


  1. Netanyahu has the Levy Report which says that settlements in Judea and Samaria are legal. Why doesn’t
    he counter the US threat with this legal information? He has shelved this report, why? If he wants the
    settlements, he has this in his arsenal. Why is he keeping this a secret? Can you explain this?



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