The latest in a series of videos exposing hate education in United Nations Relief and Works Agency schools has been released.

Produced by the Center for Near East Policy Research this short documentary shows how schools in Palestinian Arab refugee camps continue to inculcate incitement against Jews and Israel. Spanning elementary, intermediate and high schools these children are being indoctrinated to become future jihadists, martyrs and murderers. This has been going on for quite some time and yet donor nations prefer to avert their eyes and pretend that nothing untoward is happening.

They prefer to accept the assurances provided by UNRWA and its army of apologists.

One has to wonder how in the face of incontrovertible evidence provided by the students themselves and the text books which have been translated by experts from Arabic, it is business as usual. Millions of dollars continue to pour into the coffers of an organization which is dedicated to the perpetuation of refugee misery and whose schools are breeding grounds for the next generation of terrorists.

There are many well-meaning individuals in Israel who have established sporting groups which bring together Israelis and Arabs in order to prove that sport can overcome the toxic effects of a poisoned education and upbringing. In their own limited sphere of influence they are helping to spread an ethos of tolerance to the participants of these programmes. However when faced with the mass indoctrination taking place in schools in particular and amongst Arab society in general the prognosis seems anything but positive.

This scandalous situation will only change when donor nations demand accountability and refuse to fund the sort of education exposed in this documentary.

UNRWA’s website lists Australia as its 13th largest donor, contributing just under US$ 16 million  [A$22.34 million].

Watch this latest video and judge for yourselves.

Hate education for Palestinian children…partly financed by Australia