There is a great debate going on as to whether the world’s climate is changing and if so what or who is responsible.

Meanwhile, the climate for Israel and Jews worldwide is definitely changing and “hotting up.” Like the climate change controversy, there are still many who either deny it is happening or that it has causes easily explained. Similarly, ways to combat this phenomenon vary with opinions ranging over a wide spectrum of action or non-reaction as the case may be. One thing is certain, however – malign influences are growing and we ignore them at our peril.

Let’s concentrate first of all on developments close to home – “home” in this case being the world’s sole Jewish State.

One would think that by now world leaders may have woken up to the fact that those touted as our “peace” partners have for many years been promoting the vilest slanders against Israel and Jews. Despite their avowed determination to divert foreign aid towards paying terrorists for slaying Israelis, nations continue to spout the nonsensical mantra of two states for two people.

Speaking of nations let’s get one thing straight right from the beginning. The Palestinian Authority which was born as the result of the disastrous Oslo Accords is officially dead and buried. It was killed off by the Palestinian Arabs themselves and replaced by a self-proclaimed “State of Palestine.” This fictitious entity has been accepted as an observer at the corrupt UN and in the eyes of the hypocrites of the world constitutes a legally valid non-nation. So, when you hear howls of outrage from Ramallah about Israel punishing them for rewarding terrorists and accusations that this is a flagrant violation of the Oslo agreement bear in mind that this miserable piece of appeasement is no longer worth the paper it was written on.

It is galling in the extreme to witness Diaspora Jewish communal leaders and Israeli politicians helping to legitimize “Palestine” and Gaza at every possible opportunity. Instead of respectfully but forcefully pointing out that this failed formula is nothing but a recipe for Jewish & Israeli destruction they rather burst into choruses of praise for an agenda designed to eliminate us. If you think that this is an alarmist reading of the situation take a look at these two examples (courtesy of MEMRI and PMW) which are only the tip of the toxic iceberg being promoted by those lauded as our partners:

There is, unfortunately, no shortage of willing dupes enabling the spread of lies and slanders about Israel and Jews. Take the World Council of Churches for example. This organization, funded by the EU, has been facilitating anti-Israel venom for years and lately has stepped up its activities. How many religious and lay leaders have had the honesty to call them out? Too few it seems. Instead of sweeping it under the carpet the time has come to confront them fair and square.


This week Hamas terrorists were gassed to death in a tunnel running from Gaza to Egypt. Also this week the Global Policy Institute reported that the Syrian regime carried out over three hundred chemical attacks against civilian population areas. Did you by any chance hear any condemnation of these horrendous acts emanating from either your local Parliamentarians or the UN? Highly unlikely. Instead the UNHRC is preparing a record number of condemnatory resolutions against Israel to be passed in March.

Elsewhere the temperature is steadily rising in the number and ferocity of Judeophobic attacks against Jews. From Bondi in Sydney and the streets of Melbourne to the Labour Party in the UK and sweeping across Europe and even North America the scourge of hate is erupting faster than the measles outbreak. Someone told me that French Jews are waiting with their suitcases packed. What are they waiting for? Cemeteries are being desecrated and yellow vest protesters in Paris are screaming the worst slanders. Politicians are wringing their hands but that will not prevent this poison from spreading. Once again the fertile soil of Europe is being cultivated with seeds of hate guaranteed to produce a lethal harvest.

There are indeed many good people in every country who are aghast at latest developments but as in the recent past they will be powerless to stop the tsunami of xenophobia from engulfing their local Jewish communities. Local communal leaders are in an impossible situation. If they speak out too forcefully they will be the targets of further hate and will generate greater hostility. If they stay quiet or try to appease by blaming Israeli politicians for stirring things up they may buy a temporary respite but it won’t help them in the long run. The current crisis with Poland is a classic example of how whitewashing past and current facts never works.

What are Jews to do in these situations? Once upon a time they had no choice but to try and ride out the storms but we all know where that ended. Today they have a choice. The question is whether they will leave it too late again.

As the level of Jew hatred rises there is at least some wonderful good news on the climatic front. This winter has seen bountiful rainfall. The rivers and wadis are overflowing with water and the underground aquifers are being replenished. After five years of drought Lake Kinneret has risen so far this winter by 1.4 meters (4 feet) and hopefully by the end of the rainy season and melting snow it will reach a level not seen for many years. One bountiful winter does not of course mean that our problems are over but it does alleviate a critical situation.

Whatever the reason for this climatic bounty we should count our blessings. If only our other problems would be so easily solved.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.