Daily Archives: June 26, 2019

Economy Improves and War Continues?

Concerning “White House releases detailed economic plan for Palestinian people” (Jerusalem Post,June 23), the Palestinian Authority, imposed on the Palestinian people for 26 years, is incorporated within the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), remaining in...

Will UN values be incorporated into UNRWA?

As the Bahrain conference winds down, nations that donate to UNRWA will convene at the  UN on July 2nd, 2019 to raise funds for UNRWA Early News Coverage of the event: This conference will occur two...

One major problem and several interesting elements in White House Economic Plan for Palestinians

The text of PEACE TO PROSPERITY THE ECONOMIC PLAN: A NEW VISION FOR THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE has just been released by the The White House One major problem: "Additional investment will finance the development of...

Terror Racket and Corruption

Terror Racket and Corruption from Pierre Rehov on Vimeo.