[The long waited Trump Middle East Peace Plan. 65 paragraphs in praise of Palestinian education. Not one word asking for a change in their curriculum, emanating from the Palestinian Liberation Organization. The time has come to raise a voice of protest. David Bedein]

Generations of Palestinians have lived without knowing peace, and the West Bank and Gaza have fallen into a protracted crisis.

Yet the Palestinian story will not end here. The Palestinian people continue their historic endeavor to realize their aspirations and build a better future for their children.

Peace to Prosperity is a vision to empower the Palestinian people to build a prosperous and vibrant Palestinian society. It consists of three initiatives that will support distinct pillars of the Palestinian society: the economy, the people, and the government.

With the potential to facilitate more than $50 billion in new investment over ten years, Peace to Prosperity represents the most ambitious and comprehensive international effort for the Palestinian people to date. It has the ability to fundamentally transform the West Bank and Gaza and to open a new chapter in Palestinian history—one defined, not by adversity and loss, but by freedom and dignity.



  1. Those Arabs who only recently start calling themselves “Palestinians” do not want prosperity…they prefer to keep dreaming about grabbing the prosperity and wealth the Jews have created in the land…without having to work for it!

  2. Religiously it is hard for Muslim countries to recognise the return of the Jewish people to their own country. They believe all should ideally from their perspective convert. Initially Israel and the Arab countries should find a tolerant acceptance relationship based on consular relations and if they wish proceed to closer ties later that would be good all round. It would be strategically and commercially good for all in the Middle East and help the economic and political stability of the region.


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