I received a fundraising email from UNRWA-USA which starts off:

While being in quarantine may be new to most of the world, this has been the devastating reality for Palestine refugees in the Gaza Strip living under a crippling land, sea, and air blockade for over a decade.

The feeling of isolation from family, friends, and the world, facing empty shelves or limited access to basic resources, and an overwhelming fear of what the future holds. This is our new reality, but just a fact of life for refugees.

Facing empty shelves? Here are photos from the Metro Market in Gaza City taken last week, including showing them cleaning it to allay fears of coronavirus:

Not an empty shelf to be seen.

Here’s another lie:

This is especially the case in Gaza, where two million residents are crammed in one of the most densely populated places in the world and there is no option for social distancing. 

By that logic, there is no option for social distancing in Brooklyn or Tel Aviv either, both of which are far more crowded than Gaza. (The five boroughs of New York are twice as crowded as the Gaza Strip.)