Daily Archives: July 19, 2021

‘The Mental Preparation for the Disengagement’ And its Aftermath in the IDF

Mental Preparation Investigation Team Ruth Eisikovitch, Dr. Gadi Eshel, Dr. Amira Dor, Boaz Haetzni, Attorney Aviad Visoli, Dr. Rachel Tassa, Dr. Moshe Libler Other Contributors: Aviatar Ben-Tzadaf, Tanah Lehavi, Hila Mordechai, Eliyahu Ackerman Translated by: Dr....

Biden Delivers, For Whom?

Seeing the region through the lens of the “Palestinian-Israeli peace process,” President Joe Biden and the U.S. State Department are backing the Palestinian Authority under oppressive octogenarian Mahmoud Abbas—in the 17th year of his...

Support for hateful Palestinian textbooks undermines the antisemitism fight

After years of delay, the EU has finally released its much-anticipated report into the Palestinian Authority’s school curriculum which lifts the bonnet on the appalling material UK-funded teachers are delivering to Palestinian children day-in day-out.