Coverage of the current Gaza war ignores a prime cause of violence: UNRWA, hosting  31% of  Gaza residents, confined to  “temporary” refugee camps, against their will, under the premise and promise of the only goal held out by UNRWA; The right of return to Arab villages that existed before 1948.

593,163 Gazans dwell in the eight UNRWA Gaza refugee camps, out of a total of 1.9 million Gaza residents  (31 percent of Gaza): Beach refugee camp,  (85,628); Bureij (more than 43,330); Deir al-Balah (more than 25,569); Jabalia (nearly 113,990): Khan Younis (87,816); Al-Maghazi (31,329); Nuseirat (more than 80,194) and Rafah (125,304)

stats gathered by “Camera”

Dispatched a crew this summer to cover the armed UNRWA summer camps which indoctrinate the next generation for war. New movie on UNRWA now in production.

Prime funders of UNRWA summer “education” are Saudi Arabia, Germany, Turkey and Qatar.

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