Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday that “we own the land, Jerusalem and the holy places, and the flag of Palestine that remains raised high unites us, and the occupation will go away.”

Speaking at a summit of Arab leaders held in Saudi Arabia, Abbas called the war in Gaza “an unparalleled war of destruction at the hands of the cowardly Israeli war machine, which violated prohibitions and international and humanitarian law and crossed all the red lines in the Gaza Strip.”

“The Israeli occupation authorities and those who support and defend them bear the full responsibility for the killing and injury of every child, every woman and every Palestinian in this unjust war, and we will pursue the occupiers on the international stages, and we will do justice with them, and we will punish them in the international courts even if they go to the end of the world,” he vowed.

Abbas demanded that the US “stop the Israeli aggression and act to end the Israeli occupation of our country, our people and our holy places”, and that the Security Council “stop this brutal aggression against our people immediately and ensure the entry of medical equipment and food and supply water, electricity, fuel to the Gaza Strip and prevent deportation our Palestinian people are in Gaza, in the West Bank and in Jerusalem.”

The PA chairman added, “We will never agree to a military and security solution because they have all failed because the occupation authorities are thwarting the two-state solution and have replaced it with the deepening of the settlement, the policy of annexation and racial cleansing and discrimination in the West Bank and Jerusalem and the siege of the Gaza Strip.”

Abbas also stressed that “we will never bargain for the legitimate rights of our people” and that “the Gaza Strip is an inseparable part of the State of Palestine, and it is imperative that there be a comprehensive political solution for all the land of the State of Palestine, including the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza.”

In the diplomatic aspect, Abbas demanded that the Security Council grant “the State of Palestine” the status of a full member, hold an international conference for peace, provide international protection to the Palestinian Arab people and to outline a plan to implement a diplomatic solution based on international legitimacy and the Arab peace initiative.