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    Amanpour selecting interviewees and desperately begging: please say “genocide” (On civilians uses by ‘Palestinian’ regime as shields).
    | 23 November 2023

    Longtime anti-Israel activist Christiane Amanoour, as part of demonizing Israel has also an obsession with semantics.

    At the time of protests against Judicial reform, Amanpour pressed at least one Israeli interviewee to use the T word – ‘totalitarian,’ in case reform goes through. But to her disappointment, it did not.

    Now, after Oct 7 atrocities by the Gaza fascist genocidal regime, who foresaw Israeli response and have always been using non -combatants to make sure they die, Ananpour knows all that, but her israelophobia virus has a particular obsession with name calling on the victim and only democratic entity in the region. The G word, bit, she is so desperate about that.

    So first she had Mr. Bartov on, and she tried to extract from him her desired slur, struggling, she kept pushing like, “when is going to be the line.. crossed” so it can finally–to her joy– be called that. But the real gist of lefty Bartov was that he is against certain people in the coalition and as soon as they are out. All is fine. (She invited him after this ‘professor blamed Israel for Hamas atrocities on Oct 7)

    Of the “amazing” points was, deeming “ethnic cleansing” on evacuating people so they’re not killed. What would anyone terming this as such, really prefer for those people to stay?

    But Amanpour didn’t give up, after Antonio Guterres was slammed for a lying post [] [] [] about “unprecedented” she found UN’s M. Griffiths still recycling Guterres pseudo line. She was so enthusiastic to post it on X.

  2. Excellent coverage of Israel in December2022 in my conversation with David Bedein, on Israel today. My friend, David Bedein, (“IsraelBehind”), a writer for The Philadelphia Eagle, made allyiah in 1997, where he continues as a journalist.. Check Bedein’s reportage at


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