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Palestinian refugee camps

Gaza Strip 518,000 UNRWA refugees West Bank 188,150 UNRWA refugees Syria 319,958 UNRWA refugees Lebanon 188,850 UNRWA refugees Jordan 355,500 UNRWA refugees

Behind the scene with David Bedein – December 29, 2021

Behind the scene with David Bedein - December 13, 2021    

Let My People Know

Launching new UNRWA Investigation Film Studio, to produce movies shot on location to document the UNRWA culture which indoctrinates violence against Jews

Judeus, Israel e a paz nos materiais usados nas escolas da UNRWA na Cisjordânia...

A Autoridade Palestina descreve-se como "o Estado da Palestina" e considera-se um Estado pleno sob ocupação estrangeira, dos quais as fronteiras não se restringem...

UNRWA Camp Murals

Arab photojournalists on location at the UNRWA refugee camp in AIDA in Bethlehem in October 2021

The Yom Kippur War: Much More than an Intelligence Failure

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Two messages continue to ring out on the eve of the anniversary of the Yom Kippur War. One concerns the severity of...

Peace Watch

PEACE WATCH functioned 1993- 2000, monitoring Oslo peace process implementation PEACE WATCH documents relevant 2021: Oslo Process guides all middle east policies. See the documents  

BREAKING: UNRWA Thanks Hamas Terror Chief for ‘Ongoing Willingness to Cooperate’

Palestinian factions on Wednesday said that Matthias Schmale, director of operations for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) in the Gaza...

POWER POINT – Textbooks Used in UNRWA Schools

The Palestinian Authority describes itself as “the State of Palestine” and considers itself a full state under foreign occupation the boundaries of which are...

Israel, judar och fred i texter som används av UNRWA-skolor

Vid en tidpunkt då UNRWA-utbildning diskuteras allmänt har Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research genom Dr. Arnon Groiss * sammanfattat sin 20-åriga studie...