Lecture: Defacto to Dejure: Lethal Nature of Trump Plan: What we know... Talk at the OU Israel Center.

Video: 50 years of Israel advocacy – David Bedein

David Bedein: 50 years of working with the media

UNRWA Prolongs the Palestinian Refugee Problem

UNRWA (a UN-controlled organization) has kept Palestinians in refugee camps for almost 70 years. 99 percent of UNRWA employees are, themselves, Palestinian refugees, holding on to the hope that the current situation will not...

One people, One Party – The history about the Swedish Social Democratic Party

For over 100 years, the Social Democrats have been the biggest and most influential political party in Sweden. For just as long, they have managed to keep their history away from school books and...

AIPAC: UNRWA Protector

Aipac is not allowing our experts - two Arabs, two Jews - to present to the 1017 AIPAC conference how $400 million of US AID to UNRWA – one third of the UNRWA budget-...

Part 1 and 2 of the ILTV discussion between 

David Bedein, Director of The Center For Near East Policy and Dr. Martin Sherman, Founder & Executive Director of The IISS speaking about the escalation in Gaza that shows no signs of slowing despite several...

Life in the Dead Sea”- The Dead Sea Revival Project

Have you always thought there's nothing living in the Dead Sea? Think again :) #fish_in_the_dead_sea #salt_chimneys Come and join our exclusive Dead Sea boat excursion- , @boat_ride_dead_sea Video credit: The Watchman

U.N. Schools of “JIHADI TERROR” WorldWide”

Where do YOUR tax dollars go? PROOF! U.N. Schools teach Jihadi TERROR WorldWide!

How Hezbollah Funds Terror: Illicit Drugs and Money Laundering To mark this year’s International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, the IDF Blog examines how Hezbollah supports many of its terror activities - through illicit drug sales across the globe. Today, the United...

New Films Shot on location at the UNRWA refugee camp in Shuafat in Jerusalem

UNRWA in Jerusalem: Anatomy of Chaos English from David Bedein on Vimeo. UNRWA in Jerusalem: Anatomy of Chaos Hebrew from David Bedein on Vimeo.