Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hamas got rich as Gaza was plunged into poverty

http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4543634,00.html While the fighting is only expected to worsen the distress of the residents of Gaza, the Strip's economic outlook for the Strip was never good. The unemployment rate in Gaza stood at approximately 40%...

EU statement about Islamic Jihad leader proves bias against Israel

http://missingpeace.eu/en/2012/02/eu-statement-about-islamic-jihad-leader-proves-bias-against-israel/ Video of Khader Adnan promoting suicide attacks against Israel. On Saturday EU commissioner Catherine Ashton issued a statement in which she addressed the hunger strike by Khader Adnan, a senior commander of Islamic Jihad in...

Clifford May on the popularity of sharia in the Muslim world (America Live/FNC)

FDD's Clifford D. May discusses a recent Pew poll on the popularity of sharia in the Muslim world and alarming opinions on the use of suicide bombing.

This is how Palestinian propaganda works

http://missingpeace.eu/en/2013/01/this-is-how-palestinian-propaganda-works/ Last Saturday riots broke out near the Israeli village of Esh Kodesh near Nablus. As usual the incident found its way into the international media. Here is how AFP reported the story: AFP - Israeli soldiers on...


http://bstore.9tv.co.il/videos/2013/08/14/1408_VTR21D_BRISKMAN.mp4 14.08.2013 23:25 В детских летних лагерях Газы учат ненавидеть евреев на деньги ООН. Репортаж Яны Брискман. В Газе был снят документальный фильм «Джихадистский детский сад». Место действия – Сектор Газа. На первый взгляд, это самый обычный...

David Bedein goes to “Camp Jihad” on Fox News

http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/08/22/us-tax-dollars-help-fund-un-hate-camp-in-gaza-documentary/ Palestinian children as young as 5 are being taught to hate Jews, glorify martyrs and support jihad, and a U.S.-funded United Nations agency is helping to underwrite the effort, according to a controversial new...

Caroline Glick: Myth of the ‘two-state solution’

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjy1ml2h5Bs Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post and the Center for Security Policy discusses myths of the 'two-state solution' in the Middle East and lays out her blueprint for "Ending The Stalemate."

Bassem Eid at the UN in Geneva

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUjJT0qVa_s Mr. Bassem Eid talk at the UN Geneva, Side Event on Terrorism and Human Rights. " Human Rights and Hamas - Is There Such A Thing?" March 25, 2015. Event Sponsored by The International Association...

بالفيديو] فتاتان فلسطينيتان تردان على أكاذيب “أيالون”]

http://www.alquds.com/news/article/view/id/471543 القدس -  دوت كوم - سعيد عموري - بحقائق وارقام وأدلة حية غير قابلة للتأويل والمجادلة، ردت فتاتان فلسطينيتان على "فيديو" نشر قبل نحو عامين على "يوتيوب" لنائب وزير الخارجية الاسرائيلي آنذاك "داني ايالون" بعنوان...