Saleem At-Za’anoon, PNC chairman, explaining the proposal before the members:

I want to tell you before the voting begins that the judicial committee, when I attended it, was totally convinced, with a majority of 43 out of 44 members, that we must fulfill the commitment demanded of us, at the lowest possible price. Therefore, it was said, if we amend those articles, whose amendment is demanded it will mean that we have paid a very high price. And if we prepare a new proposal, it will be less damaging than the 1st solution, in that, a new charter, not doubt…Brothers, you must listen, I will not allow you, its my right to speak. Putting forth a new proposal for the national covenant is less damaging than the first thing (amending it). To enter into details (on why it’s less damaging) would be of free service (to the Israelis.) But the version which was drafted is the least damaging that we could submit. It gives us an extension of 6 months until the Central Council convenes. And then the Central Council will discuss it. And it’s within its rights to say “I leave it for the National Council: Brothers, with all my heart, I tell you, that the version which is in your hands is the best one to be presented to the Palestinian people regarding the commitment which we have no way out but to pay. Therefore, brothers, I ask of those who didn’t have patience to listen to me, two words, and thanks also to those who had the patience. Now all that Article 33 consists of is that a special majority of two-thirds is needed. If more than two-thirds will raise their hands for this proposal, we will consider it approved. And if they don’t, if less than two-thirds will raise their hands, I tell you in all honesty that the proposal will fall, and then…

(Arafat): God-willing.

God willing, but I say, my bother, Abu Amar, I hope, (that the voting) will succeed with more than two-thirds.

(Arafat): Everyone here, believe me, is more (responsible) than you and me, and more than Abu ‘Alla. Everyone is more responsible than us.

Brothers, who agrees to this proposal raise his hand, and leave it up until the counting ends.

Marwan Kanafani, Arafat’s former spokesman, member of the PNC and Palestinian Authority Council explaining to journalists the results of the vote:

It is not an amendment. It is not an amendment.

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