Here are a few of the special stories you’ll find in this week’s issue of the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix…. Online!… as well as the Jewish community’s need for more positive role models like Princess Diana at

Diana Spencer a postive role model for Jews? Hello?

What kind of Judaism do y’all practice out there in Arizona?

Let’s remember all the positive things your role model did:

  1. She utterly failed (from her end) to keep her marriage together.
  2. She cavorted about in public with the disreputable playboy son of a shady Arab businessman who the British government had refused for years to grant citizenship.
  3. She abandoned her children with the father.
  4. She dishonored her family, the Royal Family and England itself.

Diana Spencer haimish? I think the Yiddish phrase that more adequately describes her and all that surrounds here is “goyishe nachas.”

I certainly hope you don’t use this role model to teach Jewish ethics and foster Jewish continuity out there in Arizona.