October 30th, 1997

Stanley Boim
18 Brand Street
Jerusalem, Israel

re: Justice for Mr. S & Mr. H

A certain Mr. S journeyed half way around the year from Maryland, U.S.A., to find a place to hide from justice. He did not succeed in his quest. Upon arrival to Israel, he was taken into custody and the wheels of justice began moving to arrange for a fair and open trial to ascertain his guilt. Not good enough! The U.S. government and public opinion rose as one to protest. The victim of the crime was an American citizen and was murdered on American soil. It would seem that only in the U.S.A. is it fitting for Mr. S to stand trial.

The circumstances of a certain Mr. H are somewhat different. He simply acrossed the street into the Palestinian Authority. Mr. H is wanted for the murder of my son, David Boim, an American-Israeli citizen, on May 13, 1996. There is no assurance of a fair and open trial. Should a trial ever take place, the charge would probably be “behavior detrimental to the interests of the Palestinian People.” We have no assurance that Mr. H is in fact in custody or perhaps may be found at the local coffee house.

I would expect no less of our government and of public opinion. Where is the protest and outcry that a murderer of a Jew in the Land of Israel be brought to justice in a country of law and order in the State of Israel?