IMRA interviewed Labor MK Ehud Barak’s spokeswoman, Meirav, in Hebrew, on January 26 and again on January 28, 1998.

January 26:

IMRA: What is MK Barak’s view regarding the changing of the Palestinian Charter?

Meirav: As Ehud said last Saturday, the Charter has been canceled and any step to add and strengthen that is welcome.

IMRA: Former Foreign Ministry Legal Adviser Yoel Singer, who played a pivotal role in negotiating the Oslo agreements, said in an interview on Israel Radio this week that the Palestinians have not changed the Palestinian Charter and that this is in violation of the Interim Agreement and the Ross Note. Does Singer’s statement change Barak’s position that the Charter has already been changed?

Meirav: I’ll get back to you.

January 28:

IMRA: Any news?

Meirav: I think you can stay with what Ehud said last Saturday: the Charter has been canceled and any step to add and strengthen that is welcome.

IMRA: So the fact that Yoel Singer says that it wasn’t canceled does not make an impression on him.

Meirav: He said what he said and he thinks that any steps which will strengthen this is welcome.

IMRA: But the fact that someone who was closely tied with the peace process says that it wasn’t canceled doesn’t change his position.

Meirav: I do not think that you can conclude from this such a general conclusion.

IMRA: When Yoel Singer makes such a statement is he considered suspect?

Meirav: You know what, we can leave it as ‘no response’.

IMRA: I am not arguing with you.

Meirav: Look, I tried to talk to him about this and he told me ‘as far as I am concerned anything which strengthens it is welcome.’

IMRA: But he isn’t ready to tell you if this changes his view.

Meirav: It is not necessary to relate to one matter or another. This is what he said.

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