Voice Of America reports the following…

Intro: The Central Intelligence Agency reports Islamic militants are calling on other Muslims to attack Americans and their allies around the world. V-O-A’s David Swan reports.

Text: the C-I-A says two religious edicts, or fatwas, were issued earlier this month. One came from a coalition of Muslims in London, the other from a militant Saudi financier (Usama bin Ladin) based in Afghanistan.

Both rulings are linked to the Persian Gulf crisis and U-S threats of force against Iraq. However, they also call for attacks on American interests to continue until the United States retreats from Saudi Arabia and Jerusalem.

The clerics who issued the edicts are not named. While both groups have previously suggested civilians are legitimate targets, the C-I-A says these are the first decrees that explicitly justify such attacks anywhere in the world. U-S intelligence officials say they take the threats seriously.