Yerushalim Shelanu (Our Jerusalem) has established a Har Homa monitoring Committee. Monitors, in a car with Israeli flags flying from it will travel to Har Homa regularly and issue reports about the pace of building at Har Homa.

In announcing the Monitoring Committee, Jonathan Levy, spokesman stated, “With all of the world focusing on Har Homa, it is important that someone report on what is actually taking place there. We intend to provide a service to journalists and tourists who want to see and understand what is actually, on the grond taking place at Har Homa.”

Additionally, with the increase of tourists and foreign media visiting Israel for Passover and the 50th Anniversary of the State of Israel, increased tours of Eastern Jerusalem, including stops at Har Homa, Ras al Amud, (Har Ha Zetim), Orient House, and the Jerusalem Tunnels will be offered.

For more information, or to arrange a tour of Eastern Jerusalem, contact Ronn Torossian at, or call (972-53) 510-214 [(053) 510-214 from Israel].