Following are remarks made by Palestinian Police Chief Col. Ghazi Jabali which were broadcast on official Palestinian Authority television on October 30, 1998, one week after the signing of the Wye River Memorandum between Israel and the PLO.

On the Wye accord with Israel:

“We wish to build an independent state and to build our nation – even the Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him, accepted the Khudaibiya agreement, which contained unjust conditions”.

Note: The Khudaibiya agreement referred to by Col. Jabali was signed by Muhammad and the Arabian tribe of Koreish. The pact, slated to last for ten years, was broken within two years, when the Islamic forces – having used the peace pact to become stronger – conquered the Koreish tribe.

On issuing gun licenses:

“There is a law for the licensing of weapons. Every respectable person, every respectable politician, every respectable businessman submits a request and we give it to him. The weapons license is for pistols and it is granted to businessmen, dignitaries, politicians, wanted fugitives, people involved in blood feuds”.

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