“Several days ago, the Islamic world commemorated the Isra and Mi’arage [… ascent of Muhammad to heaven]. Did you “seriously” celebrate the Isra and Mi’arage with all your heart? And by doing this, did you fulfill your obligations to the Alaksa Mosque?

In the beginning, during the time of Muhammad and his friends they prepared an army and went forth to conquer the blessed land… and not by coincidence did Saladin liberate Jerusalem [through war] from the hands of the Crusaders and go into Jerusalem on Friday, which was the day of the Isra and Mi’arage on the 27th of the month of Rajeb. This is the work that Allah commanded us to do for Jerusalem.

Today, the residents of Jerusalem look forward to this commemoration of the 27th of the month Rajeb, sadly waiting during 31 years for the 27th of Rajeb to come and the imprisonment of the Alaksa Mosque will be lifted and the country will be liberated from the hands of the conquerors and oppressors.

The question is asked, how was Alaksa Mosque lost? How was Palestine lost, and how is it that the Muslims did not succeed in saving her? And what is the way to regain her? Are the Muslims allowed to turn their back to Jerusalem and wait for negotiation in order to return the oppressed rights to their owner?…

The residents of Palestine were not the reason for the loss of Alaksa, rather the weakness of the Arab world, which was torn, and that is how Palestine was a tasty morsel for the enemy…

So we see that they [the Jews] have complete control of the political leadership, not only in America and the Western world, but also of the leaderships of all countries, including the leaders of the Arab and Muslim world. Jewish money and media are the leaders of nations and continents. This should not scare the Islamic nation, or that she surrender to the reality, because the reality will not remain this way for long, because Allah promised that they would be humiliated and tortured from time to time when they spoil….

The Jews entered the land of Palestine during the time of David, may he rest in peace… but when they sinned against the prophets, Allah brought upon them those who banished them from this land and they were dispersed all over the world… They entered again not by the commandment of Allah, but rather from humans.

Oh the believers – all the afflictions that come upon us from the Jews and from America and their friends, and from the oppression of the leaders who turn around in the path of America [like the stars], this must pass and this demands an Islamic awakening… and Allah will give the victory… “
[From a sermon, Voice of Palestine Radio, 20th November, 1998]

Question: “Will the obligations regarding the prohibition of incitement hinder the freedom of expression and the human rights and the political liberty?”

Nabil Shaath: “A legitimate question, and it indicates that there are two issues in the Wye Agreements… We insisted on inserting an entire paragraph because all involvement in security issues will be implemented by the Palestinian law and the international law, and it is a man’s right to express himself and to organize etc. in accordance with democratic freedom… The second issue, that Arafat is fighting for, is the separation between actions with the political organization of the civil institutions, and its military arm which carries out killings and military activities against Israel, and this is a very important point, because [we] could not, in the Wye Accord, agree with the Israelis on the limitation of [freedom of] expression on anything but one point – that no man be allowed to call for murder, whether a murder of a Palestinian or of an Israeli. [Palestinian Authority Television, 19th November, 1998]

Headline: “The Saving Party commends the departure of the occupation.” “… Sheikh Ahmad Bahar, Chairman of the Shura Council in the Saving Party, said in a declaration to Al-Hayat Al-Jadida that the pullback of the Israeli army from every portion of our land, is an achievement for the Palestinian Authority and our people, who have fought during a half a century [Israel’s creation] for the elimination of the occupation and the tightening of its authority on its land. Sheikh Bahar expressed his hope that the liberation of all of our homeland will occur soon, and that the authority of our people on our national and sanctified land will be realized.
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 23rd November, 1998]

Anour Az Aladin, Mayor of Arabeh, mentioned that the liberation of the town comes at the time of the 6th anniversary of the fall of the expelled Ahmad Daka and Amin Rahaal as Martyrs, by a special Israeli unit. He noted that we are going in their paths towards the liberation of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of our state.
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 23rd November, 1998]

“Hashaam Abed Alarazek, [State Minister for Liberated Soldiers Affairs] during a program “Meet the Media” that was organized yesterday in the Ministry of Prisoners Affairs headquarters in Gaza, by the Ministry of Communications, warned of a dangerous explosion within the prisons, which will bring about the real revolution. He emphasized that he is hereby calling to the world, a short time before the occurrence of the explosion, and especially due to the fact that the prisoners within the Israeli prisons are determined to take drastic steps, which will influence dangerously the entire peace process in the area.”
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 23rd November, 1998]

“Sheikh Ismail Hanya… emphasized that the Hamas movement strives to make stable contact with the Authority and with all the national forces… regarding the steps of goodwill that the Palestinian Authority took towards the Hamas by the release of most of her leaders, Sheikh Hanya said that the Hamas looks positively at these steps which may eliminate the tension or [bring] avoid bloodshed and strengthen the way of dialogue with the national authority which did not cease.”
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 22nd November, 1998]

Tzafia Alnajar, Responsible for the Organization Department of the Water Authority, noted… that the current consumption of water in the Palestinian state does not go above 250-330 million cubic meters per annum, for all purposes,…while the Hebrew state takes over the rest…
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 22nd November, 1998]

Headline: Weekly Discussion: Raouya Alshawa “… My father and his friend entered all ways of jihad in order to save the homeland from doom. His personality was more boldthan the local and average Arab among his friends. After the theft of Palestine [the establishment of the State of Israel] the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were conquered after the loss of the war of ’67… “
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 22nd November, 1998]

“Abed Alaziz Shahin, Minister of Supplies, emphasized that the Israeli redeployment in the areas adjacent to Jenin is considered a certain addition to the national authority, which enables it to improve its position in the struggle which exists between us and the Zionist project.”
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 22nd November, 1998]

“Tzahir Habash, Member of the Central Committee of the Fatah movement, said during the convention held under the title: “Preparations for the Realization of the Declaration of the State in May ’99”, that next May 4th will represent an enormous achievement, despite the fact that we are tied up in the Oslo Accords. [He said] that we face 12 weeks during which we will put Israel to a test with the obligation to implement the agreements. He emphasized that should Israel avoid implementing the agreements and attempt to return the situation back, then all the options are open, among them military conflict. Habash said that the 4th of May is the date, which cannot be extended under any circumstance, and if they [Israel] receive the extension it would mean the inclusion of Israel in the self-determination of our people… “
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 22nd November, 1998]

The signs [in the celebrations for the liberation of Jenin] contained the main motto: “Arab Jerusalem, capital of the independent Palestinian state forever” and “Welcome through the passage gates, the crossing in the direction of Jerusalem”, while hundreds of teenage girls, from the schools in the city waved the victory signs and shouted “in spirit and blood we will redeem you, oh Palestine and Arafat”…
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, 22nd November, 1998]


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