U.N. Spokesperson says calling Oct 7th act of terror is “a question of opinion”

According to the office of the U.N. Secretary-General, defining the October 7th Hamas murder and mutilation of women, children and babies as terrorism is “a question of opinion.” Really, Antonio Guterres? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsIwI1OkOaY

Kremlin’s Shadow Over Jerusalem Full

Kremlin's Shadow Over Jerusalem Full

Attention: Hamas Pitch Deck


If not UNRWA then what? | Knesset discusses alternatives for Gaza aid

The Knesset on Sunday discussed the humanitarian aid that UNRWA provides to the Gaza Strip and viable options to replace the organization. "We need to tell the truth because the international community is absolutely lying that...

KAN News: A troubling trend: Russia is cementing its military presence near Israel

Media in Syria have published documentation of Russian military patrols and a new military position, joining other positions near the border with Israel. A Syrian opposition source to KAN news said: "If Israel thinks that these positions will...

Behind the scene with David Bedein – March 18, 2024


The Israeli companies that earned $60 million working with UNRWA

Twenty-five Israeli companies conducted direct transactions with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) from 2020-2023, bringing in around $60 million. Some of them continued to have commercial dealings with...

Biden has failed to understand what this war means to Israel

The growing tension between Washington and Jerusalem, which this week escalated into blunt messages towards Benjamin Netanyahu from President Joe Biden, makes it that much worse for the IDF to ensure it would have...

Ring of fire

This tectonic belt of volcanoes and earthquakes has the potential to cause lethal upheavals at any given moment. Its destructive possibilities have been known for quite some time. In addition there is no way of...