GAZA – July 28 – WAFA (Official Palestine News Agency) – President Yasser Arafat received in His Headquarters in Gaza this morning, the credential letter of Mr. Andreas Reinieke, the new German representative to the PNA.

“I want to tell you that I am very happy and grateful to meet you as the new representative of the German government to the Palestinian Authority and to all the Palestinian people”. The President said.

“The Foreign Minister Joshka Fischer who you know very well and he knows you very well has specifically asks me to convey his best wishes and personal warm wishes for yourself and for the people of Palestine”, said Mr. Reinieke.

” I am very happy to be here in this beautiful country, this is the country where Palestinian people live since many centuries, your fathers, your grandfathers, your grand father have already seen the beautiful seaside, the beautiful shore, they have planted olive trees in the beautiful country and you have made a difficult decision to share this lovely land with other people. I know this is a difficult task, I know you have a very difficult task, I wish you for fulfillment of dream of your people to live one day in your own liable, free democratic state and in peace and mutual respect with all of your neighbors”, he added.

“You have a big task beside it is difficult, but it is difficult task you have chosen and a lot of problems, and a lot of obstacles behind you, and of course before you.

I assure you Mr. President with a good hand and Leadership that you have achieved this aim for benefit of your country” Mr. Reinieke concluded.