According to Norwegian media, Mona Juul now faces the risk of beeing recalled from her position as Norway’s Ambassador to Israel.

The Foreign Office is considering using the Foreign Service Act to recall Juul, after she failed to formally inform the department about the cash involved when she received the peace prize from the Peres Centre in 1999, NRK Radio reports.

According to the Foreign Service Act, employees in the Foreign Service must accept a change in jobs, if the department so decides.

Foreign Minister January Petersen says this case is very special.

-“That is why we have spent considerable time checking and double checking the facts, in order that we may be certain of the actual circumstances and the juridical evaluations of the case, Petersen says to NRK”.

However, Petersen refuses to speculate around whether or not it will be decided to recall ambassador Juul.

“It would be wrong of me to speculate before we have concluded, Petersen says”.

This article ran on the April 29th issue of the Norway News